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Reintegration and Deradicalization of ISIL Victims

KAS and Yahad in Unum Support Traumatized Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Sinjar region in the north of Iraq was one of the main theaters of the atrocities committed by the Islamic State (ISIL). It was there that ISIL committed genocide against the country’s Yezidi population after occupying the territory around the Sinjar Mountains in August 2014. While most residents have left the region, many internally displaced have been returning home since the Peshmerga freed it a year later.

Many of the returning ISIL-victims are still traumatized from the abuse and slavery they were subjected to by the terror organization. It is essential for these citizens and their families to receive support in reintegrating into society. Without successful reintegration there will never be a chance of sustainable and peaceful coexistence in the community.

In order to help victims, especially women and the youth, in restarting normal life, the Kurdish NGO Yahad in Unum, with support of the KAS Syria/Iraq Office (KAS) established deradicalization and reintegration centers in the Iraqi-Kurdish refugee camps Cham Mushko, Kabartu and Kadia. The centers do not only offer psychological support for ISIL victims from all ethnical backgrounds, but also encourage them to participate in their sewing classes as well as in their English courses. Besides learning a new skill, this gives them the opportunity to interact with each other. By bringing together Yazidi and Muslim participants, their acceptance and understanding for each other increases and friendships grow, preventing future conflicts. Additionally, the courses can help qualify the often uneducated community members for the labor market.

The classes also give the participants the chance to engage into a daily activity to slowly readjust to life in a society without ISIL. After months of violence, propaganda, and physical as well as psychological abuse by ISIL, the citizens need time to get back to their old life.

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