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The Islamic Economic System


On the 10th of July, 2014 KAS Tanzania country office together with the highest Muslim authorities of one of KAS’ political partner organizations, the Association of Quran Teachers in Tanzania (JUWAQUTA), hosted an Iftar, the traditional evening meal in times of Ramadan once the sun sets.

Social Market Economy, Youth Employment and Social Security

Perspectives of the Young Generation in Tanzania and Germany

On the 1st of August, 2014 KAS invited Tanzanian students of the exchange programme PAMOJA to a discussion roundtable on the topic “Social Market Economy, Youth Employment and Social Security" in Dar es Salaam. The discussion roundtable took place only a few days before the departure of a group of Tanzanian students to Germany and aimed at familiarizing Tanzanian PAMOJA students with the principles of a social market economy as to provide them with the basic knowledge that enables them to gain deep and well-founded insights into the German economic and social system during their stay.

Optimization of Websites and the Use of Social Media in Political Communication

Workshop mit CHADEMA

On the 11th and 12th of July, KAS Tanzania and the KAS Regional Media Programme invited to a Media Workshop and therefore 30 young politicians of KAS’ partner party CHADEMA from Dar es Salaam and the ten regions as established by CHADEMA, gathered in Dar es Salaam. The participants thus acquired new knowledge about the effective use of modern internet tools for political communication under the instructions of Christian Echle, the director of the KAS Media Programme in South Africa.

Workshop with University Students

Katiba Moja kwa Watanzania Wote - Pamoja Tutafika!

On 16th April, students from all over Tanzania followed the invitation by the Tanzania Students Networking Programme (TSNP) to a workshop on the constitutional reform process in Tanzania. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Tanzania supported the event in the frame of her series "Katiba Moja kwa Watanzania Wote - Pamoja Tutafika!".

Peace-Building, Democracy and Development: A Call for Active Citizenship in Sub-Saharan Africa

International interfaith dialogue in Tanzania

From 5 - 8 May 2014, African religious leaders convened for an interreligious dialogue in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The representatives from different countries in sub-Saharan Africa had been invited by KAS, the Lutheran World Federation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.

Interreligious Dialogue on the Constitution

Katiba Moja kwa Watanzania Wote - Pamoja Tutafika!

On March 26, 60 representatives of religious communities followed the invitation of KAS and the Interreligious Council for Peace Tanzania (IRCPT), to meet and discuss their contributions to the building of a national consensus for the new Constitution.

Constitutional Reform Process in Tanzania

The role of the young generation

On 12 and 13 March KAS Tanzania and CETA hosted a workshop on the constitutional making process for students and teachers from the Zanzibar islands Pemba and Unguja. A similar event had taken place just two weeks earlier in Dar es Salaam on Mainland Tanzania.

Symposium zum Verfassungsreformprozess

Katiba Kwa Maslahi ya Umma - The Voice of Teachers and Students

Auf Einladung von CETA und KAS kamen am 13. Februar Lehrende, am 14. Februar 2014 dann Schüler/innen von Sekundarschulen sowie Studierende aus Dar es Salaam mit Experten zu einem Symposium zum Thema Verfassungsreform zusammen.

Maendeleo-Dialogue on Constitution Making

Katiba Moja kwa Watanzania Wote – Pamoja Tutafika! Building a National Consensus for the New Constitution

On the 6th of February, KAS and her partner TADIP hosted a Maendeleo-Dialogue on the new constitution. The public forum constituted an interactive plattform with stakeholders and interested citizens. More then 250 participants came to discuss their concerns regarding the second draft of the constitution, the Constituent Assembly and the referendum.

Efficient Political Communication in the Internet

Online Strategies and Best Practices

On the occasion of the visit of Mr. Uwe Göpel, Teamleader Online of the German political party CDU, KAS invited young politicians and online communication experts of her partner party CHADEMA in order to discuss challenges and opportunities of online based political communication. The discussion of best practice examples and experiences contributed to the development of an online communication strategy. Find the event in pictures.

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