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Second draft of the new Tanzanian Constitution

Round table discussion

On 31st of January 2014, KAS and FES Tanzania in cooperation with Jukwaa la Katiba hosted a round table discussion with representatives from CSOs.

The Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation and the Potential of Sustainable Energies in the East African Community

The Perspective of East African Civil Society Organizations after the COP 19

According to the IPCC, the African continent is one of the most affected by climate change. The continent faces enormous challenges for sustainable development. The member states of the EAC are particularly vulnerable. To minimize the vulnerability of these states, adaptation measures are badly needed. At the same time, the use of renewable energies enables stimulation of socioeconomic prosperity and greenhouse gas emission reductions. In line with these observations, the EAC and KAS Tanzania jointly convened a conference on the 5th of December 2013 in Arusha.

Workshop with JUWAQUTA

Quran teachers meet in Same

Following an invitation by KAS and the national leadership of the association of Quran teachers, about 50 members of JUWAQUTA from Same District convened for a workshop. The aim of the meeting held on 7th December 2013 was to identify solutions to strengthening the organisation and its internal democratic processes by sharing experiences.

Visit to Germany

BAVICHA attends annual Deutschlandtag of the Junge Union

Two delegates of the youth organization of CHADEMA followed the invitation of the Junge Union (JU) to participate in its annual Deutschlandtag in Erfurt/Germany. Supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, who organized an accompanying program for international participants on the topic "German history, culture and science", Sharifa Suleiman Khamis, Vice-Chairwoman of BAVICHA Zanzibar and Paschal Patrobas Katambi, BAVICHA Mwanza traveled from Dar es Salaam to Erfurt.

Democracy and Women's Politics in Germany and Tanzania

BAWACHA politicians in Germany

Women in politics and business was the topic of a one week study trip for ten female CHADEMA politicians in Germany. Various appointments took the group from Hamburg to Berlin and to national and local political institutions, party head quarters, trade unions and business associations.

Faith is the Fountain of Love, Peace and Understanding

Third Inter-Religious Dialogue on Peace Building

On 14 November, 30 representatives of religious communities in Tanzania convened for a meeting in Dar es Salaam. KAS and IRCPT had invited to yet another event in their successful series of interreligious dialogues. For the first time the Zanzibar Interfaith Center (ZIC) and the Joint Committee of Religious Leaders for Peace and Tranquility Zanzibar (JCRLPTZ) were also on board: ten delegates from Zanzibar represented their organizations from the islands. The aim of the event among other things, was to get the organizations to know each other and link up on their so important work.

BAVICHA Chairman in Estonia

Discussion about Refugees in Europe

Following an invitation by the KAS office in Tallinn, Charles Wegesa Heche travelled to Estonia from 12th to 14th November to take part in the discussion about refugees in Europe. BAVICHA is the youth organisation of CHADEMA, the biggest opposition party in Tanzania. CHADEMA is also one of the partners of KAS in Tanzania.



Supported by presentations of three high-level experts, the event of the Tanzanian Constitutional Forum Jukwaa la Katiba and Friedrich-Ebert- and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Tanzania aimed on fostering civil society organizations (CSOs) continued active involvement in the constitutional reform process in the country. The audience consisted of about 200 academics, representatives of political parties, pupils and interested individuals, as well as numerous representatives of various CSOs in Tanzania.

Freiheit und Demokratie fördern in einer multipolaren Welt

Mitarbeiterkonferenz Afrika und Naher Osten der KAS in Arusha/Tansania

Eröffnet durch Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, Vorsitzender der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, fand vom 1. bis 7. September 2013 die Mitarbeiterkonferenz aller Leiter der Auslandbüros der Stiftung in Afrika und im Nahen Osten statt. Neben Gesprächen mit hochrangigen Vertretern von BMZ und GIZ standen die Themen „Politischer Islam“, sicherheitspolitische Fragen, „Rohstoffökonomien, Entwicklung und Demokratie“ sowie das Verhältnis zu den politischen Partnern der KAS im Mittelpunkt der Tagung in der tansanischen Stadt Arusha, dem Sitz der East African Community.

Young People´s Responsibility for Democracy and Sustainable Development

International Youth Conference

In cooperation with BAVICHA, the youth wing of Tanzania's biggest opposition party CHADEMA, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organized a multi-day workshop providing young and politically involved people from all over the world with a platform for exchange.

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