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Current Constitutional Reform Processes in East Africa

Visit of the Legal Committee of the German Bundestag to Tanzania und Kenya

From 6 to 13 October 2012 a delegation of the German Bundestag visited Dar es Salaam and Arusha in Tanzania as well as Nairobi in Kenya. The members of the Legal Committee, headed by Hon. Siegfried Kauder, gained deep insights in the current constitutional reform processes in East Africa. The regional Rule of Law Program and the Tanzanian country office of KAS organised jointly a conference on "The Constitutional Reform in Kenya and Tanzania in Light of the EAC Treaty" in Arusha, and hosted a round table discussion with representatives of the Tanzanian opposition party CHADEMA.

German MP Helmut Heiderich's visit in Kenya and Tanzania

Study and Information Program

On a short visit to Kenya and Tanzania, German MP and member of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development, Mr. Helmut Heiderich, visited selected areas in the two countries.Find a summary of his stay in Tanzania in pictures...

Core Values and Ethical Guidelines of an African People's Party in Theory and Political Practice

Political Dialogue Programme with Klaus-Jürgen Hedrich, former Parlamentary State Secretary

From 11 to 19 September 2012 former Parliamentary State Secretary of the German Republic, Klaus-Jürgen Hedrich, visited Tanzania. Accompanied by members of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Tanzania, he provided his political expertise to support and enrich trainings of members of the KAS partner party CHADEMA in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Zanzibar.

Integrity of Creation and Challenges of Climate Change

Evaluation and Focus

On 30 August 2012 an evaluation meeting - organised by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Tanzania [KAS] and the Inter-Religious Council for Peace Tanzania [IRCPT] - took place in Dar es Salaam. The intention was to create a forum to share experiences about activities and challenges concerning the issue of climate change. The meeting should serve as an opportunity for evaluation and feedback of an previous event which took place in February. The participants which were composed of different religios groups were invited to present their efforts relating to climate change and the preservation of nature.

Climate Change Consequences on Socio-economic Development in Tanzania

Book Launch and Discussion

Following an invitation from CETA and KAS, about 195 teachers and students from selected Secondary Schools in Dar es Salaam came together to attend the presentation of a new schoolbook and a discussion on climate change consequences. The event took place on 6th of August 2012 at the National Museum and Culture House of Dar es Salaam. Guests of honour were Ngosi Mwihava, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Vice President's Office (Environment), and Dr. Hans Koeppel, Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy in Dar es Salaam. There were also some other invited guests and journalists present.

KAS on Tour II

Nationwide Trainings for Town and Municipal Councils

On the 4th of June 2012 staff members of the KAS accompanied by members of their partner party CHADEMA, divided in three groups, set off from Dar es Salaam to a nationwide training for the town and municipal councils. About 800 elected representatives of CHADEMA came together to the advanced trainings in altogether nine counties, from Mbeya in the South of Tanzania up to Musoma, a town at the north-east lakeshore of the Lake Victoria.

Dr. Slaa at the KAS-Day

50 years of worldwide democracy - under this slogan renowned politicians from Germany and across the world looked back on the "impressive success story" of KAS during this year´s KAS-Day which took place in Berlin on the 27th of June. Among the discussants was Dr. Willbrod Slaa, Secretary General of CHADEMA, the Tanzanian partner party to KAS. He shared experiences with politicans from Myanmar, Belarus and Venezuela on the topic "No future for dictators, people want freedom". Find a choice of pictures taken at the event here.

E-lection Bridge Africa

2nd Edition

From 25 - 29 May 2012 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Tanzania hosted an event of the regional KAS Media Program in Dar es Salaam. In cooperation of the two offices, high ranking politicians from Sub-saharan Africa had been invited to attend the media training E-lection Bridge.

A Constitution by the People for the People

Unter der Leitung von Deus Kibamba, dem Vorsitzenden des Verfassungsforums Jukwaa la Katiba und Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hamann von der FU Berlin diskutierten auf Einladung der KAS Tansania Experten in einem Gesprächskreis über den Verfassungsreformprozess in Tansania. Es wurden zahlreiche Aspekte der Reform kritisch beleuchtet und herausgearbeitet, wie eine verstärkte Partizipation der Bevölkerung am Prozess sichergestellt werden kann. Einen ausführlichen Bericht zu dem Expertengespräch mit einer Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Ergebnisse finden Sie demnächst hier.

Constitutional Reform Processes and Integration in East Africa

"... The five countries of the region have come up with reasonably progressive constitutions which, at the formal level, ought to ensure democracy, the rule of law, political accountability and respect for human rights - in short, constitutionalism. When it comes to practice, however, these wonderful documents have not produced the results one would expect." Benson Tusasirwe, Kituo cha Katiba Uganda.

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