Telecommunication Industry and Thai Economy

This publication gives background about the development of telecommunication in Thailand from the 19th century. The book also discusses about public participation in the telecommunication industry in Thailand and provides an overview of Thai laws governing telecommunication.In Thai

Global Trend in Human Resource Management (Vol 1)

This book provides information about new trends in human resource management in various countries, which can be applied in the development of human resource management in public sector of Thailand.In Thai

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand of 2007

This is a pocket-sized publication of the new constitution of Thailand after the military coup in 2006, with an overview of the previous constitutions of Thailand.In Thai

Administrative Codes (8th edition)

This book is a collection of all laws governing the Administrative Courts of Thailand according to the new constitution of 2007 as well as summary of important decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court.In Thai

Yes or No: Politics of the 2007 Draft Constitution

This publication examines pros and cons of the draft of the 2007 constitution and provides background information about political development in Thailand before and after the military coup in 2006.In Thai

The Conceptual Framework of the New Constitution Drafting of the Kingdom of Thailand (English)

Research report


Edited by Dr. Imtiyaz Yusuf and Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt

Presentation of results of the conference from 1-2 September 2006, 297 pages. This publication can be obtained / ordered at the office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Bangkok. The postal fee for international shipping is 10 US $/ 8 €.

Learning to Follow the King's Footsteps

(in Thai)

A publication to promote ethical values and integrity.

Moral and Ethics of Civil Servants

(in Thai)

Direction of Local Government for the New Drafting Constitution in Thailand