Manual of Tambol Administrative Organization (TAO)

Thailand: A Late Decentralizing Country

Facts about the local administration in Thailand

This book consists of facts and analyses of the local administration in Thailand, written in English by Associate Professor Dr Thanet Charoenmuang, Faculty of Political Science, Chiang Mai University.

The Conceptual Framework of the New Constitution Drafting of the Kingdom of Thailand (Thai)

Research report

"International Seminar on Understanding Conflict and Approaching Peace in Southern Thailand"

from "ABAC Today" (newsletter of Assumption University, Bangkok), Vol 21 No 4 (September - October 2006). ISSN: 0858-0847

Militärputsch in Thailand

Hintergrundbericht über den Militärputsch in Thailand vom 19. September 2006

Roles and Jurisdiction of the Ombudsman

Materials for public dissemination

Publications on the topics of roles and jurisdiction of the Ombudsman and laws for daily life (bailing system, heritage law, driving licence etc)

Thailands Krisen

Politische Analyse, Frankfurter Neue Presse, 12.08.2006

Vorgezogene Parlamentswahl in Thailand

Parlamentsauflösung und Neuwahlen in Thailand am 02.04.2006

Botschaften demokratischer Ideale

Interview des KAS-Repräsentanten mit aktuell THAILAND

Der Interview wurde in "aktuell Thailand" (einem deutschsprachigen monatlichen Wirtschaftsmagazin in Thailand) Ausgabe 2/2006, Seite 17 - 19 veröffentlicht.