Thailand’s Economic Policy with Dynamics of Globalisation

The Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS), with support from KAS, have completed the research entitled “Thailand’s Economic Policy with Dynamics of Globalisation” and compiled all articles in printed publication for further dissemination to the interested public as realising the significance of public policy-making, especially in the current situation that social and economic movement in national and international levels has rapidly changed. The economic policy-makers should look ahead more than usual.

Green Economy Campaign for Local Government Policy

The publication will be distributed to the target audiences who attended the seminar and all interested parties which can be useful in enhancing the green economy knowledge at the provincial level, district, sub-district administrations, who lead the concrete policy and practice further. The publication is only available in Thai language. Interested person is welcome to contact at, directly for the copy.

Multiculturalism in Asia - Peace and Harmony

The globalising age accompanied by the challenge of multiculturalism is an age of crisis of identity which is posing the challenge of accepting global diversity, it also raises critical questions concerning what is primary identity and what is the link between religious, national and regional identity. Increasing incidences of xenophobia, ethnoreligious exclusivism, conflicts and wars pose a tremendous challenge for building of a new multicultural world. This development is placing constraints on basic human freedoms which can be subjected to abuse for non-peaceful purposes.

Education for Leadership Development in Democratic Society

The book emphasises on the cultural and educational development of Thai society through a special training of prospective leadership in the bureaucracy, political parties and private sectors. An appropriate civic and political education curriculum should be introduced at both the college or university level and upper high school level. Consequently, teacher training on this purpose should be conducted by allocating some periods of time for political and historical studies.

Patrik M. Leoff / flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Thailand im Wahljahr 2019

Gedämpfte Hoffnung auf eine Rückkehr zur Demokratie

Als am 12. Dezember 2018 die Militärregierung Thailands nach fünf Verschiebungen endlich einen konkreten Termin für demokratische Wahlen Ende Februar verkündete, konnten es viele Thailänder kaum glauben. Spätestens seit die NPCO (National Council of Peace and Order) genannte Militärjunta im Mai 2014 die Vorgängerregierung stürzte, wartet eine Mehrheit der Thailänder mit wachsender Ungeduld auf die ersten freien Parlamentswahlen seit 2011.

Guideline Regarding the Performance of Court Officials on the Supreme Administrative Court's Decision for the Year 2016

The book published by the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation compiles the details, court procedures, and court decisions in administrative cases concerning the state official’s performances. The given information and knowledge would be the significant factors for improvement of official duties in governmental and administrative organisations.

Local Government and Local Elections

The publication co-published by KAS and the Urban Development Institute Foundation (UDIF) consists of two parts which are, first, the summary of the speeches and seminar on “the role of local government in green economy management” on 12 October 2017 in Chiang Mai, and, second, the article entitled “local government and local elections” by Prof. Tanet Charoenmuang from Faculty of Political Science, Chiang Mai University.

Act on Establishment of Admin Courts and Admin Court Procedure B.E. 2542 as amended by the Amendment No.9

The publication is published by the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand with the fund from Konrad Adenauer Foundation. It aims to update the court officials and interested persons about the amended details in the Act in order for them to use it as a correct source for their further activities or any missions.

Laws Relating to the Administrative Court of Thailand

The publication’s objectives is to update readers English version of laws relating to the Administrative Courts of Thailand which were amended several times with the most recent being Act on Establishment of Administrative Courts, Administrative Court Procedure and Rule of the General Assembly of Judges of the Supreme Administrative Court on Administrative Court Procedure.

The Constitutional Court Rulings Year 2014-2016 (published in 2017)

The publication published by the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand (OCC) and funded by Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand Office aims to introduce the interested readers the important rulings of the Constitutional Court for the years 2014-2016 which comprise of the summaries of 15 cases available in English and Thai.