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Guidebook on Thailand’s Decentralization

The Parliamentary Committee on Decentralization, Local Administration, and Special Local Governments of the House of Representatives of Thailand with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand Office publishes this guidebook aiming at supporting academic work on local administration and decentralization in Thailand as well as local participation and people’s voting rights. Focus in this publication is therefore dissemination of the knowledge about the concept, principles, and different steps of decentralization processes in order to encourage a constructive discussion on this topic in Thailand. The contents in the book will also become an academic reference for Thai officials at the national and local levels, members of the House of Representatives and Senate, as well as academics, students, and the general public interested in decentralization policies, good governance, and citizen participation in public policies.

The contents in the publication are

  • Chapter 1 - concept of decentralization and analysis of Thailand’s decentralization principle;

  • Chapter 2 - analysis of centralization and decentralization’s pro and con as well as benefits of decentralization for the citizens;

  • Chapter 3 - budget allocation to the local administration, sources of local administration’s incomes, as well as analysis of the budget proportion compared between central government and local administration; and

  • Chapter 4 - promotion of the public participation in local administration, local councils’ activities, and local development.


There will also be a video clip here soon for you to watch and listen to a summary of the contents in the publication. Stay tuned!


The publication is in Thai language only. Book file can be downloaded from this page. Please find the link on the right hand side.


If you are interested in receiving the printed version of the book, please send your request directly to

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