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Khon Kaen Model

A Compilation of Articles and Lessons Learned from the Project

The publication by the College of Local Administration of Khon Kaen University aims to memorialise by recounting the development process to be a smart city of Khon Kaen province which has assembled every unit from governmental offices and private sectors to its citizens in order to actualise the anticipated model. The information is very well compiled by the authors and will be a truly beneficial source to governmental officials, academicians, private sectors, and also the general public for their further studies and researches in the area of smart city establishment.

The contents are portrayed in eight chapters which are


Chapter 1: Becoming Khon Kaen Model


Chapter 2: What is Khon Kaen Model?


Chapter 3: City is everybody’s matter


Chapter 4: City council and dialogue – Khon Kaen Model’s invaluable lessons and primary experiences


Chapter 5: Local government’s company limited without limit in city development


Chapter 6: Tram to build city


Chapter 7: Khon Kaen Model, a smart city


Chapter 8: What caused Khon Kaen Model success


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