Local Government Proposal towards the New Constitution



Local government is important, since it is a close concern for people, who can feel, touch and react quickly if the quality of work service for them is qualified or not. In contrary with distant relation to other public administration authorities of the central government or politics at national level, participation of people in the local government is considered as direct and speedy . Giving support to the local governments and their development means caring for people and their participatory democracy.

However, the recent decision of the cabinet to decrease certain budgets for local governments has created doubts and disappointment among members of local government organizations, feeling that the authority in power does not understand nor support the the local government.

It is therefore necessary for the concerned local people to dialogue for finding ways and alternatives that may prevent such a decision on the local government budget in future. Indeed, the local government needs full support to perform its work. Clear written provisions on the local government in the New Constitution of 2007 may be the only possibility to ensure the rights of the people through the local government.

This seminar has long-term objectives to develop the local government to be more capable in giving service and to improve life quality of people in localities.

As short-term objectives, this seminar aims

1.To open platform for members of municipalities to exchange experiences in local government according to the 1997 Constitution;

2.To provide the members with opportunities to obtain new ideas, and propose them as part of constitutional provisions to the New Constitution Drafting Committee;

3.To strengthen network of municipalities’ members for developing local government and for cooperation among the members in future.

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Burapha University, Chonburi Province


  • Sawasdee Thai Foundation (STF) in cooperation with Eastern Municipality League and Burapha University
    • Chonburi Province

      Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt †

      Resident Representative to India

      Provided by

      Thailand Office