Muslim Women and Society Strengthening in Islamic Way



This three-day seminar programme is a follow-up of an IPPS seminar about the conflict in Southern Thailand, organised in July 2006 on the topic "Women's Role in Muslim Society in the Three Southern Provinces of Thailand". The seminar has main objectives to exchange opinions concerning the problems in the South, which affect daily life of the people in the unrest provinces, and to suggest possible solutions.

Highlights of the programme:

"Importance of Family in the Islamic Way" by Ms Wallapha Neelaphaijit, President of Thai Muslimah Volunteer Group

Introduction "To Know Libong Island: The Islet of Muslim" followed by a field trip to Baatuputeh Village on Libong Island to visit community activities of the Muslims

"Women: Balance to Community Strengthening" by Ms Subhamas Senaves

Group working for Women and Strong Society in the Islamic context on the following topics: "Women with the Dimension of Justice for Strong Community", "Civil Society for Promoting the Community Economy?" and "Civil Society and the Natural Environment Conservation".

"Women and Public Participation" by Ms Ramida Sarasit

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Thumarin Thana Hotel, Trang Province, Thailand


  • Institute of Public Policy Studies (IPPS)

    Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt †

    Resident Representative to India

    Provided by

    Thailand Office