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Constitution Amendment and Democratisation: the Future of Thai Parliamentary System

The dialogue arranged by KAS and Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS) aims to promote political conflict resolution in Thailand and to open an opportunity for the public to share experiences about the constitution amendment.


Public Funding: Problem and Solution to Strengthen the Role of Political Party in Thailand

KAS and Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS)’s discussion will be arranged to exchange experience about public funding toward the roles and direction of political party and to build awareness of politician’s roles in party financing.


Opening of the Regional Parliamentary Centre and Provincial Committee Meeting

Event in cooperation with the SNA will be held on the occasion of opening the new Regional Parliamentary Centre in Phrae province. Members of the Centre will also discuss strategies and methods for effective interaction with the parliament.


Public Policy on Environment: The Future of Sustainable Flood Relief in Thailand

KAS together with Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS) will hold a round-table discussion focusing on how to perform sustainable flood relief management.


Education for Democratic Citizen

The seminar aims to build understanding of Thai current education situation and to seek the new model of civic education in democratic values for Thai society.


How to Handle Floods

The discussion aims to raise awareness of state entities, private sectors, civil society in the protection of public interest in terms of security and safety on living.


Discover the Truth about Thailand Flood 2011

Problem and Solutions

The KAS-IPPS symposium in cooperation with other two civil organisations - the Youth Leadership Development Foundation and the Stop Global Warming Association of Thailand


Rule of Law Development

This project with the OAC aims to disseminate knowledge about the administrative justice system to 7 northern ethnic groups, to protect their fundamental rights and to ensure them the access to administrative justice in an effective manner.


The Economic and Financial Crisis and the Limits of Governments

A New Decade of National and Global Economic Governance

The event is jointly organized by KAS Thailand and the foundation's Asia Programme on Social & Economic Policy (SOPAS) in order to deepen the discourse on these timely issues.


Promotion of Political Education in Schools

The seminar coorganised by KAS and IPPS aims to further deepen political knowledge in national civic education program.

The Role of Parliaments in Participatory Democracies: Experiences from Thailand

Second Session of the Series: Democratic Trends in ASEAN

Strong parliaments are the cornerstone of participatory democracies and democratic pluralism. Parliamentarians represent the people, pass laws and hold governments accountable. As such, they are the connections between executive and citizens. Whether a national parliament can provide accountability and oversight highly depends on a number of factors, including the capabilities of parliamentarians and their staff, political procedures and points of orders, party structures and the parliament’s administration processes. Parliaments are hence an important contact point for the European Union (EU) and other international development actors to strengthen the fundament of democracy on the ground.

Reinforcing the Parliamentary Dimension of the EU/ASEAN Partnership: A Strategic and Timely Move

Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Klaus Welle, Secretary-General of the European Parliament

On May 21st, 2021 the offices of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Southeast Asia hosted Mr. Klaus Welle, Secretary-General of the European Parliament, for an online roundtable discussion on the parliamentary dimension of the EU/ASEAN partnership. The event was held after the EU and ASEAN decided to become “Strategic Partners” in December 2020. Selected participants from eight ASEAN member states and the EU discussed six practical ideas to improve the cooperation between parliaments in the EU and ASEAN and to elevate their relationship to a new level of cooperation.

Next Steps of the Business for Social and Environmental Development

PDA’s Inception Seminar

On 5-7 April at Community-based Integrated Rural Development Ratchaburi Centre in Ratchaburi Province, the Population and Community Development Association or PDA held the annual seminar of the cooperation project on “Business for Social and Environmental Development” with the support of the KAS. This project aims to promote the principle of the Social Market Economy into real practice by strengthening the local communities and progressive cooperation between the public sector and civil society as well as building opportunities, fairness, and sustainable income for occupational groups in 7 target provinces. There are Wiang Pa Pao Centre in Chiang Rai, Nang Rong Centre in Buriram, Mahasarakham Centre in Mahasarakham, Ban Phai Centre in Khon Kaen, Chakkarat Centre in Nakhonratchasima, Sai Yok Centre in Kanchanaburi, and Krabi Centre in Krabi.

Thailand's Long Road to Food and Farm Safety

Bangkok Tribune's Media Dialogue Forum 6

The link below provides an event report and a highlight video of the dialogue forum no. 6 organised by the Bangkok Tribune News Agency with the support of the KAS in Thailand. The speakers presented their viewpoints and suggestions on the reform of farm practices in order to answer the goal of sustainable agriculture.

Open and Innovative Government in Thailand

Seminar Summary

Read now and see the visualised contents to know more about the progress of Thailand's open government. This summary was compiled from the seminar organised on 29th October 2020 by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC) with the support of the KAS in Thailand.

Social Market Economy and the Economic Development of Local Communities

KAS-PDA Cooperation

On 12 October in Krabi province, Dr. Céline-Agathe Caro, Director of KAS Thailand, attended and gave a welcome remark in a workshop organized by the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) with the support of KAS Thailand. This workshop aims at strengthening the collaboration between the local government and local community groups. The activity assists in the development of local people’s occupational skills to sustain their incomes and empower the communities in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. In the afternoon, the participants made a study visit at a community enterprise - Baan Nai Nang Bee Farm. This community’s management has been an example of good practices for other communities in the area. The farm builds sustainable income from the materials found locally and, in return, implements environmental protection projects.

Media Dialogue 2: The State of the Environment in Post-COVID 19 – Our Wild, Our Climate

An event report of the second dialogue organized by the Bangkok Tribune with the support from KAS Thailand

On Thursday, June 18, 2020 the news agency Bangkok Tribune, with the support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Thailand, organized a second conference entitled ‘The State of the Environment in Post-COVID 19 – Our Wild, Our Climate’. The conference aimed to provide a platform for experts from governmental organizations, the civil society, the media, and the public to discuss their socio-economic projections after the worldwide outbreak of COVID 19. The participants also exchange views on the introduction of environmental and climate resilience policies into economic planning.

Green Recovery Plans in Thailand to Restart the Economy after the Coronavirus Outbreak

Event Report

On 15th June, KAS Thailand together with KAS RECAP held a workshop on ′′Green Recovery Plans in Thailand to Restart the Economy after the Coronavirus Outbreak′′. Thai scholars discussed many options to create jobs and protect the environment like sustainable tourism, circular economy, and clean energies. Read our report to know more about what we could all do for a stronger and more resilient society in the future.

Media Dialogue: Digital Disruption and a Push for Sound Public Policies

An event report of the first online dialogue organized by the Bangkok Tribune with the support from KAS Thailand

On Thursday, May 14, 2020 the news agency Bangkok Tribune, with the support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Thailand, organized an online conference entitled “Digital Disruption and a Push for Sound Public Policies”. The conference aimed to provide a platform for experience and opinion exchange regarding the implication of digital innovation for the media and the role of the latter to help develop public policies in the interest of the citizens. Participants from media, academic, and civil society gathered to share their ideas and discuss future trends for the media and the society.

Policies, Laws and Regulations Concerning Water Resources Management

An international conference on 12-14 December 2019 in cooperation with Thailand Institute of Justice, Hydro-Informatics Institute, Office of the National Water Resources, Department of Groundwater Resources, Royal Irrigation Department, Thailand Science Research and Innovation, and Department of Water Resources

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