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70 Years the Federal Republic of Germany and 30 Years the Fall of Berlin Wall

The German Basic Law and Its Influence on Thai Constitutionalism

The Thai-German Society will organise a seminar on occasion of 70 years of the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany and 30 years of the Fall of Berlin Wall in order to point out the comparative interdisciplinary aspects of the influence of the German Basic Law on Thai constitution. The seminar topics will be presented and lectured by various Thai and German legal and social science experts.


Strengthening Local Communities and Local Leaders

The Process of Strengthening Participatory Democracy Leadership

The seminar in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Senate (SOS) will address community leaders from various provinces and representatives of local governmental agencies to promote the idea of participatory democracy by using participatory learning methods.


The Independence of the Constitutional Court

A seminar in cooperation with the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand aims to provide the platform for justices of the Constitutional Court, state officials, legal experts, and supporting staff members of the justices to gain better understanding about the independence of the Constitutional Court and its extent in various aspects; for example, the qualifications of the justice of the Constitutional Court, the selection process, and the code of conducts.


Parliamentary Demonstration Youth Network for the Learning of the Parliamentary System

Final Workshop of the Parliamentary Demonstration Project in the Budget Year 2019

This workshop in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Senates is the final one in their budget year 2019 and aims to provide a platform for the young people in local provinces to discuss about the Thai political culture and political development as well as to arrange a demonstration activity for participants to study in details about parliamentary democracy and parliamentary protocol.


Personal Data Protection: Awareness on Online Invasion

The discussion co-organised by KAS and Institute of Public Policy Studies (IPPS) together with network organisations will provide the participants from related working fields a platform to gain updated knowledge about the current policy and situation of personal data protection in Thailand, to exchange ideas and to propose opinions beneficial for further policy development. The discussion will also pave the way for further monitoring the bill on personal data protection once it passes the Council of State and is approved by the cabinet.


New Media and Civic Culture in 2019

KAS together with the Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS) will provide a discussion for participants in related fields such as policy-makers, social and political experts, students, and the public to exchange knowledge and experience about the role of new media toward civic culture and personality as well as to create awareness about the impact of new media on policy formulation.


Speech Contest to Promote Political Culture and Democratic Governance

The Secretariat of the Senate (SOS) with support from KAS Office Thailand will hold a speech contest event to encourage the students and educational community to realise the significance of democratic governance with the King as head of state as well as to enhance the creative ideas and expressions in presenting political opinions.


Rule of Law in ASEAN Integration: Intellectual Perspective

A seminar in cooperation with Institute of Democratization Studies (IDS) provides a platform for participants to share knowledge and opinions with invited speaker and panelists from related fields about development of ASEAN integration, the role of rule of law influencing the process, and the future improvement for ASEAN cooperation.

Expert talk

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The Principles of Social Market Economy

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand Office will organise a special lecture on the principles of social market economy to be delivered by Dr Frank Steffel, a member of German Parliament from the CDU/CSU Party, to representatives from partner and co-partner organisations who have been and are working on this subject in order to enhance their understanding and knowledge on the issue.


Special Lecture on Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019)

The Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) by KAS support will hold a special lecture to enhance knowledge and better understanding of the central and regional administrative judges as well as court officials about the current situation of personal data breaches including related legal measures and the essential principles of personal data protection act in order to together settle the best practices for organization in compliance with the law on personal data protection.

KASSID Annual Meeting 2022

Workshop on Participatory Democracy

In 2021, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung started a new scholarship program called “Konrad Adenauer Scholarship for Social and Innovative On 10-11 June 2022, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Thailand organized an Annual Meeting for KASSID scholars at the Avani Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok. Since the start of the scholarship program last year, this was the first time that all of the KASSID scholars met each other in person, shared their ideas and expertise, and grew their connections. The event started off with a dinner talk and an ice-breaking activity which required the students to guess words related to global and local trends, international cooperation, social justice, and multiculturalism. The activity brought so much fun to the scholars and further resulted in casual discussions thereafter.

The Special Forum 1 - Mekong's Womb

A full event report of the first forum of the series "The Songkhram River Basin, the Mekong’s Womb" organised by the Bangkok Tribune News Agency with the support of the KAS in Thailand on March 18, 2022

Youth and MPs

The UNDP Thailand, the Secretariat of the House of Representatives and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Thailand organised the event "Youth and MPs for SDGs"

Bericht zur Konferenz “International Security and the Environment” April 20th – 21st, 20227

Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hat in Kooperation mit dem Institute of Democratization Studies (IDS), der Chiang Mai University und der Mae Fah Luang University am 20. und 21. April 2022 eine internationale Konferenz unter dem Titel „International Security and the En-vironment“ ab¬gehalten. Während der zweitätigen online Konferenz stellten internationale Wissenschaftler ihre Forschungen und Paper zu den Themen Sicherheits-, Klima- und Um-weltpolitik vor.

“Geopolitical Implications of the War in Ukraine”

jointly organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, and the Asian Governance Foundation (AGF)

Social Inclusion

Human Security of Vulnerable Persons – Risks and Hidden Potential

Groups of the elderly, disable, poor, homeless, parolees/released prisoners, young mothers, and migrant workers are considered the most vulnerable population. Their vulnerability arises from many factors such as social stigma, a lack of training and opportunities in employment, career advancement, and income-generating activities; as well as a lack of information and knowledge exchange. More importantly, these groups of people tend to do not have enough power and abilities to cope with the hardships when they occur.

The Role of Parliaments in Participatory Democracies: Experiences from Thailand

Second Session of the Series: Democratic Trends in ASEAN

Strong parliaments are the cornerstone of participatory democracies and democratic pluralism. Parliamentarians represent the people, pass laws and hold governments accountable. As such, they are the connections between executive and citizens. Whether a national parliament can provide accountability and oversight highly depends on a number of factors, including the capabilities of parliamentarians and their staff, political procedures and points of orders, party structures and the parliament’s administration processes. Parliaments are hence an important contact point for the European Union (EU) and other international development actors to strengthen the fundament of democracy on the ground.

Reinforcing the Parliamentary Dimension of the EU/ASEAN Partnership: A Strategic and Timely Move

Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Klaus Welle, Secretary-General of the European Parliament

On May 21st, 2021 the offices of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Southeast Asia hosted Mr. Klaus Welle, Secretary-General of the European Parliament, for an online roundtable discussion on the parliamentary dimension of the EU/ASEAN partnership. The event was held after the EU and ASEAN decided to become “Strategic Partners” in December 2020. Selected participants from eight ASEAN member states and the EU discussed six practical ideas to improve the cooperation between parliaments in the EU and ASEAN and to elevate their relationship to a new level of cooperation.

Next Steps of the Business for Social and Environmental Development

PDA’s Inception Seminar

On 5-7 April at Community-based Integrated Rural Development Ratchaburi Centre in Ratchaburi Province, the Population and Community Development Association or PDA held the annual seminar of the cooperation project on “Business for Social and Environmental Development” with the support of the KAS. This project aims to promote the principle of the Social Market Economy into real practice by strengthening the local communities and progressive cooperation between the public sector and civil society as well as building opportunities, fairness, and sustainable income for occupational groups in 7 target provinces. There are Wiang Pa Pao Centre in Chiang Rai, Nang Rong Centre in Buriram, Mahasarakham Centre in Mahasarakham, Ban Phai Centre in Khon Kaen, Chakkarat Centre in Nakhonratchasima, Sai Yok Centre in Kanchanaburi, and Krabi Centre in Krabi.

Thailand's Long Road to Food and Farm Safety

Bangkok Tribune's Media Dialogue Forum 6

The link below provides an event report and a highlight video of the dialogue forum no. 6 organised by the Bangkok Tribune News Agency with the support of the KAS in Thailand. The speakers presented their viewpoints and suggestions on the reform of farm practices in order to answer the goal of sustainable agriculture.