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EU Funded Project: Training Activities Start in the Districts

Erste Workshops für Lokalpolitiker und Zivilgesellschaftsvertreter in Masaka abgehalten

Under the EU funded project: Action for Strengthening Good Governance and Accountability in Uganda, KAS and ACFODE will train elected representatives and civil society actors in 11 districts of Uganda.

Interparty Youth Platform Launched

Unterzeichnung der gemeinsamen Absichtserklärung

Seven major political party youth wings in Uganda have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing the Interparty Youth Platform. This followed several months of discussions and consultations in process supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

EU-supported Project “Action for Strengthening Good Governance and Accountability in Uganda” Officially Launched

On Tuesday November 15th 2011, several national and district level governance actors including Members of Parliament, Development Partners, Civil Society, Academia as well as the Media converged at the Kampala Serena Hotel for the official launch of the EU-supported project “Action for Strengthening Good Governance and Accountability in Uganda.” The 1.2 billion shillings project will be implemented by KAS and ACFODE with support from the European Development Fund (EDF). Over the course of 2 years it will be taken to 11 districts across Uganda.

Pro-Poor Development and Poverty Reduction in Uganda and the Idea of Social Market Economy

High-Level Roundtable Discussion organized by KAS and ACTADE

High-Level Roundtable Discussion organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Uganda in cooperation with the African Centre for Trade and Development (ACTADE).

Six Years of Multiparty System - What Is the State of Multiparty Democracy in Uganda?

Public Dialogue organized by the Makerere University Convocation

The Makerere University Convocation (MUC) held another public dialogue in its monthly series of events dealing with issues pertinent to democratic governance and development in Uganda. MUC had invited four Members of the Ugandan Parliament to discuss the state of the Multiparty System in Uganda with students and the interested public.

Employment Policies for Uganda: Young Leaders' Perspectives

Public Dialogue organised by the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives

The Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives which was initiated by KAS in February 2011 has held its first public dialogue. The Think Tank presented a paper on the topic of youth unemployment which outlines policy recommendations from the perspective of the young generation. The paper was discussed by a panel of politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Memorial Dialogue for Uganda’s first Prime Minister – Benedicto Kiwanuka

Foundation for African Development (FAD) has held a memorial dialogue for the late Ben Kiwanuka, the founding president of the Democratic Party and Uganda’s first Prime minister. This took place on September 28th at Hotel African in Kampala.

Training workshop for District Political Party Leaders in Arua District from 12th-13th September 2011


Foundation for African Development (FAD) designed a training program on strengthening the capacity of political party leaders on methods of communication and institutionalising ethical standards with the aim of enabling the newly elected District Political party leaders to improve on methods of communication and promote openness, accountability and accessibility.

Strategy Meeting for 2012


A strategy meeting, organised by KAS Uganda, took place in order to plan for 2012. The future cooperation with the partners and current challenges of the cooperation were discussed.

Training Workshop for Journalists

Reporting on Corruption: Bracing Journalists to Fight Corruption in Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries where the impact of corruption causes considerable political instability and furthermore represents a hindrance for social and economic development. In order to achieve improvements in transparency and accountability as well as curbing corruption, journalism needs professional journalists capable of understanding transparency and governance issues through conceptual frameworks and tools.

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