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Journalism and Human Rights

Public Dialogue and Workshop in Kasese

Journalists from Kasese and the surrounding districts met for a public dialogue followed by a three-day workshop to discuss the role of journalists as bearers and promoters of human rights. The lively discussion about the freedom of the press in Uganda between different stakeholders during the dialogue provided a starting point for the subsequent workshop. Journalists participating in the workshopwere trained in reporting about human rights after a theoretical briefing about investigative journalism and the concept of human rights.

New UMDF-Board Elected

The Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) has elected a new Executive Board. Mr. J.B Wasswa, a media consultant and Makerere University lecturer, was elected Board President with Mr. Mpimbaza Hashaka as Vice President. Others elected were Mr. Moses Sserwanga as General Secretary, Mr. Paul Kihika as Treasurer and Ms. Joyce Tabingwa as Education Secretary. Ms. Lucy Lapoti and Mr. Collins Juuko joined the board as committee members. The elections occurred at the March 18th general meeting.

National Dialogue: Journalists as Bearers and Promoters of Human Rights

The Ugandan Context

Public dialogue organised by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) with support from the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)


Journalisten präsentieren Workshop-Ergebnisse

Declaration adopted by journalists and human rights activists during a national workshop organised by KAS in cooperation with UMDF and support from the GTZ.

Political Actors and Academicians Discuss the State of Multiparty Democracy in Uganda

KAS-Symposium mit politischen Akteuren und Akademikern

A Symposium conducted by KAS raised a vibrant discussion on the challenges and successes of the five-year-old multiparty democracy in Uganda.

Demokratie und Pluralismus an der Graswurzel: Uganda auf dem Prüfstand

Innovatives Assessment in sieben ugandischen Distrikten

Gefördert mit Mitteln der Europäischen Union führte die KAS Uganda erstmals ein umfangreiches Assessment zum Zustand von Demokratie und politischem Pluralismus auf lokaler Ebene durch. Dabei wurde ein innovativer Ansatz gewählt, der vor allem die aktive Teilhabe lokaler Akteure am Assessment-Prozess gewährleisten sollte.

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