Women and Multiparty Politics; Widening Women’s Space


From 17th to 22nd November 2008, ACFODE will carry out a press briefing, public dialogue, match and press briefing to advance the cause for women participation in politics. The theme will be: ‘Women and Multiparty Politics; Widening Women’s Space'.


In all the activities to be held over the week, ACFODE will share information in the area of women and politics and will engage political actors to enable them appreciate and expand women’s spaces within the parties as the country prepares for the second multiparty elections of 2011. The activities will include running a news paper supplement, holding press briefings, a match and public dialogue on women and politics.

Over the last several years, ACFODE has been involved in advocacy for effective participation of women in politics and decision making both at national and level. ACFODE has also been involved in the promotion of legal and human rights for women and girls based on the Convention on the Elimination of Elimination Of all Forms of Discrimination against Women.

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Yusuf Kiranda

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Programme Officer

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