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Since decades the region of the East African Community (EAC) deals with massive forced migration and still countries like Uganda remain remarkable liberal in their refugee policies. The “Young Leaders Think Tank on Policy Alternatives Roundtable on Sustainable Economic Approaches to Refugee Policy and Management in Uganda and the Region” met in Protea Hotel, Kampala for a final conclusive meeting in 2016.

Democracy promotion and civic engagement: What have KAS and partners been up to in 2016?

Annual partner workshop gives opportunity to discuss past and future cooperation

What did the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and its partners achieve in the year 2016 and what lies ahead in 2017? Which challenges were incurred and how where they overcome? To address those specific questions, KAS together with its partners organized the annual partner workshop to constructively reflect on the 2016 projects and to provide their partner organizations with a platform to get in touch again, as well as exchanging news and ideas. A main objective for the participants was to step out of their individual project bound perspective and to notice the bigger picture of their common work.


Mentoring the Next Generation of Ugandan Journalists

To nurture young professional journalists and reward professional journalistic practices in Uganda, the Media Challenge Initiative yet again organized the fifth series of the Inter-Institutional Media Challenge and Awards Ceremony.


The inaugural women in media workshop

Women representation in Uganda media continues to be a big challenge even though big strides have been made to bring in more female voices. Media images of women continue to reflect persisting stereotypes of women and often women’s voices are missing all together. Women are less visible in images used on the front pages of newspapers and panels on different TV stations are all male leading the recent ‘manels” outcry. Worst still, women’s stories are often times being told from a male perspective.

Promoting good governance in a multiparty-system for elected leaders at the district level

Encourage responsible Citizenship, pluralism and cooperation to local government leaders regardless of political affilia

What is the role of elected leaders in a multiparty system and how do you define responsible citizenship on a local level to guarantee efficient service delivery? To train elected leaders on this topic, the Directorate of National Guidance (DNG) in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung have organised a workshop to train 44 local government leaders from Busia District to promote multiparty-system at local level, with a strong emphasis on responsible citizenship, civic education and citizen engagement for the fourth time in 2016.


What inspires servant leadership? As a political foundation, we are always in a relentless pursuit to not only find the answers to this question but always provide a platform for taking action. As such, we have, in partnership with the LeO Africa Institute launched the Young and Emerging leaders’ project (YELP) to act as a Launchpad for accelerating servant leadership in Uganda.

GAIN Uganda ready for pilot grassroots civic education

Introducing KAS' new civic education material to GAIN-Uganda members

After successfully developing various civic education materials, Members of GAIN Uganda met in Kampala for a trainer of trainer’s workshop to equip member organisations with necessary training skills since they were to train the grassroots population in their respective districts. Governance Accountability CSO Network (GAIN-Uganda) was born out of an EU funded project that aimed at promoting accountability and democratic governance in Uganda in 11 districts which include Masaka, Kiboga, Mbarara, Kabale, Kisoro, Arua, Pader, Lira, Soroti, Pallisa and Jinja across the different regions in Uganda


Roundtable discussion on peace and development

South Sudan remains engulfed in anarchy, suspense and a bleak future. President Salva Kiir remains in Juba controlling a state whose fragility manifests every passing day, his own grip on power visibly shaken. Riek Machar, the ousted Vice President is out in the wilderness and continues to hit war drums, vowing to, with the SPLA/M fight on and snake his way back to Juba. At the height of this, reports of profiteering from the war, illicit acquisition of wealth and arms trade by senior political and military officials continue to make rounds.

Young leaders’ think tank meeting gives Outlook for activities in the coming year

Meeting for presentation of this year's progress and planning of next year

On the 5th November, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the initiative "Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives" (Think Tank) took stock of 2016 as well as planned for 2017 in order to increase the Think tank’s productivity and relevance. Some new suggestions were advanced which if implemented; more output will be realized in the subsequent years.

JEEMA wins the interparty youth soccer challenge 2016

The interparty youth platform challenges the thinking that youth cannot work together regardless of their political affi

On the 22nd October 2016, eight political parties that constitute the Interparty Youth Platform (IYOP) decided to play soccer in a bid to promote peace and tolerance. It was the first time these youth from across the political divide took such a bold step to engage each other based on fair play and fair rules.