Uganda Green Growth Summit

This summit is a contribution to support transition toward a greener growth in Uganda. The objective is to bring the topic to a non-specialist audience, provide policy and technical solutions available, in order to support a re-think of individual business strategies. The summit is open to the core stakeholders of the Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy; that is; Government, Civil Society, private sector, researchers and academia. The main category targeted is the private sector.


Conflict Sensitive Reporting Workshop

Capacity Building Workshop for Cross Border Network Journalists
The main objective of the workshop is to strengthen capacities of journalist to produce peace, gender and conflict sensitive media programmes by building their capacity on conflict sensitive reporting


Graduation of Youth4Policy Fellows

The 2019 Youth4Policy fellowship is coming to an end! With their policy papers finalised, our fellows are graduating from the Y4P fellowship and will be initiated into the programme's alumni network.

Expert talk

Economic Policy Roundtable

In a meeting with the Ministry of Finance, KAS and CDA will present the outcomes of the first research paper of the "Economic Policy Paper Series". The paper looks into catalysing SME growth.


Annual KAS-UMU Scholarship Forum

KAS-UMU scholarship holders and alumni are getting together for their annual scholarship forum.


The Kampala Geopolitics Conference - 2nd edition

The conference will feature 18 panels and will attract thousands of participants from Uganda and beyond. The targeted audience is the general public with special focus on students, academia, representatives from civil society and media, political decision-makers and the diplomatic community.


Youth4Policy Final Writing Workshop

Fellows of the Youth4Policy programme are meeting to finalise their writing products for submission of their research-based policy briefs.

Expert conference

The Age of Digital Interdependence

KAS in partnership with the Ministry of ICT is conducting a multi-stakeholder forum on the report of the UN Secretary-General's high level panel on Digital Cooperation

Event Reports

How can Chapter V of the South Sudanese Peace Agreement be implemented?

Our partner NoSSCOU (Network of South Sudanese Civil Organizations in Uganda) held a workshop for civil society organizations to strengthen their understanding of Chapter V of the Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) and to support the peace process in South Sudan.

Event Reports

"Zugang zu Elektrizität sollte ein Menschenrecht sein!"

"Obwohl Ugandas BIP wächst, kam es bislang noch nicht zu einem Strukturwandel in der Gesellschaft. Die meisten ugandischen Bürger sind immer noch in der Landwirtschaft beschäftigt", erklärte Max Walter, Geschäftsführer des Center for Development Alternatives (CDA) bei einer Pressekonferenz über die wirtschaftliche Transformation Ugandas am 10. Oktober in Kampala.

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Wo liegt der Schlüssel für die Dezentralisierung? Bei den lokalen Regierungen!

"Es gibt nicht viele Länder, die in Sachen Dezentralisierung so stark sind wie Uganda. Aber es ist geht nicht nur um Quantität, sondern auch um Qualität. Es liegen noch einige Herausforderungen vor uns, wie beispielsweise die mangelnde Kapazität um die Dezentralisierung voranzutreiben. Lassen Sie uns diese Konferenz nutzen, um uns zu verbessern.“ sagte der KAS Landeskoordinator Mathias Kamp während des ULGA Dezentralisierung Dialoges vom 16. bis 18. September in Kampala.

Event Reports

“Access to electricity should be a human right!”

„Uganda‘s GDP is growing, but it is not leading to a structural transformation in society. Most of Uganda‘s citizens are still employed by the agriculture business,“ explained Max Walter, Executive Director of Center for Development Alternatives (CDA) during a press briefing on the Uganda’s economic transformation on October 10th in Kampala.

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All agricultural products to be certified by a quality mark in 2019 - UNBS

Agricultural products are the most standardized goods in the world. Although 80% of Uganda‘s exports are agricultural products, most of Ugandans are unaware of agricultural standardization policies.

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Standards einhalten, Qualität sichern, Leben retten!

Landwirtschaftliche Produkte sind die am meisten standardisierten Güter der Welt. Obwohl 80% der ugandischen Exporte aus der Landwirtschaft stammen, kennen die meisten Ugander die gängigen landwirtschaftlichen Standards nicht.

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“What is another name for decentralization? Local government.”

“There are not many countries that are as strong as Uganda when it comes to Decentralization. But it's not only about quantity but about quality. There are still some obstacles like lacking capacity to implement decentralization. Let use this conference to improve." said KAS Country Director Mathias Kamp during the ULGA National Dialogue on Decentralization held between 16th until the 18th September in Kampala.

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Geld ist keine absolute Ressource für die politische Mobilisierung

Am vergangenen Wochenende brachte die vierte Ausgabe unserer “Political Leadershio Advanvement Project“ (PoLA-LAB) 27 junge Führungspersonen zusammen. PoLA-LAB ist ein Trainingsprogramm für junge politische oder kommunale Führungspersonen. Das Programm bezieht sich überwiegend auf Lobbyarbeit, politische und ökonomische Analysen und soziale Mobilisierung.

Event Reports

Money isn’t an absolute resource for political mobilization

The fourth edition of the Political Leadership Advancement project (PoLA-LAB) brought together 27 youth leaders in the central Uganda district of Mityana. PoLA-LAB is a mentoring program for political and community leaders that provides a training in advocacy, political economy analysis and social mobilization.

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A great rolemodel for policy makers

For the third time, the annual Interparty Youth Platform (IYOP) Football Challenge encouraged youth teams of eight political parties to engage with each other through sports. The annual tournament aims at promoting a spirit of peaceful co-existence and reducing violent political participation which is common among the youth.