The role of appointed and elected leaders in Promoting Good Governance

The role of appointed and elected leaders in Promoting Good Governance in a multiparty system at the district level
Understanding democracy in a multiparty environment, the role of elected and appointed leaders, peace building and conflict management, engaging the citizenry and the different stakeholders in setting district priorities.


YELP Graduation Class of 2019

The Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) annually inducts 20-30 outstanding thought leaders into a fellowship program designed to train and orient values of self-advancement, integrity, social responsibility, and socioeconomic transformation.


Kick-off of the Scholars and Alumni Network

Building Networks beyond KAS-Programs

Book presentation

Launch of "Reality Check 11: Civil Society in Uganda"

New Year’s Reception & Reality Check 11: Civil Society in Uganda


Political Leadership Advancement Lab (POLA-LAB) in Masaka District

The political Leadership Advancement Lab (POLA-LAB) is a project aimed at mentoring a new breed of effective and reflective leaders with skills to deal with the contemporary development and political economy challenges.


Uganda Green Growth Summit

This summit is a contribution to support transition toward a greener growth in Uganda. The objective is to bring the topic to a non-specialist audience, provide policy and technical solutions available, in order to support a re-think of individual business strategies. The summit is open to the core stakeholders of the Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy; that is; Government, Civil Society, private sector, researchers and academia. The main category targeted is the private sector.


Conflict Sensitive Reporting Workshop

Capacity Building Workshop for Cross Border Network Journalists
The main objective of the workshop is to strengthen capacities of journalist to produce peace, gender and conflict sensitive media programmes by building their capacity on conflict sensitive reporting


Graduation of Youth4Policy Fellows

The 2019 Youth4Policy fellowship is coming to an end! With their policy papers finalised, our fellows are graduating from the Y4P fellowship and will be initiated into the programme's alumni network.

Event Reports

64th issue of Arise Magazine “The Refugee Crisis – a Women‘s Rights Issue“ officially launched.

On Friday, 31st of August, the new issue of Arise Magazine was officially launched during a networking reception, organized in partnership with Co-publisher Action for Development (ACFODE). In honor of the topic “The refugee Crisis, a Women’s Edition” representatives of the Office of the Prime Minister as well as ACFODE and different womens’ rights and refugee rights organizations were present to engage in a panel discussion.

Event Reports

Interessenvertreter diskutieren die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung für den öffentlichen Verkehr in Kampala.

Der Transportsektor ist einer der wichtigsten ökonomischen Faktoren in der Wirtschaft Ugandas. Abgesehen davon, dass der Sektor tausenden Ugandern als Arbeitgeber dient, sind viele andere ökonomische Sektoren ebenfalls abhängig von einem funktionierenden Transportsystem. Mit dem jüngsten technischen Fortschritt, können wir wesentliche Durchbrüche bezeugen. Aus diesem Grund hat die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) zusammen mit dem African Center for Trade and Development (ACTADE) eine Diskussionsrunde mit wichtigen Interessenvertretern organisiert.

Event Reports

Stakeholders discuss the impact of digitalization for the public transportation sector in Kampala.

The transportation sector is one of the most important economic drivers for the Ugandan economy. Apart from employing thousands of Ugandans, many other economic sectors also depend on a functioning transportation system. With the recent technical progress, we could witness major breakthroughs in the transportation sector. Because of this, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) together with African Cente for Trade and Development (ACTADE) organized a roundtable discussion with important stakeholders to talk about the impact of digitalization on the transportation sector in Uganda.

Event Reports

The Next Generation of Policy Experts Learn Lobbying, Strategic Communication and Networking in Public Policy

Strategic communication, lobbying and networking are some of the fundamental elements in public policy research. Ideally, without these elements, a well-researched and well-written policy paper will remain meaningless if poorly communicated and to the wrong audience. Because of this, we dedicated our third Policy development seminar to this topic.

Event Reports

Das südsudanesische Friedensabkommen: Einmalige Chance oder tickende Zeitbombe?

Der 7. August 2018 markiert eine historische Wende in der Geschichte des Südsudans. Dutzende Parteien, darunter Kriegsparteien aus Regierung und Opposition, unterzeichneten in der Freundschaftshalle in Khartum ein Friedensabkommen. Der ugandische Präsident Museveni und Omar Al Bashir, Präsident vom Sudan, unterschrieben das Abkommen als Friedensgaranten.

Event Reports

Junge Politikexperten lernen Lobbying, strategische Kommunikation und Networking kennen.

Kommunikation gehört zum kleinen Einmal eins von Journalisten, Politikexperten und Politikern. Genau aus diesem Grund haben wir das dritte Youth4Policy-Seminar diesem Thema gewidmet.

Event Reports

Making the newly signed South Sudanese peace agreement work

7th Aug 2018 marks an historical epoch in South Sudan’s history. Dozens, including warring factions both from government and opposition signed a peace agreement at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum with Presidents Museveni of Uganda and Omar Al Bashir of Sudan as guarantors.

Event Reports

Problematisierung der Berichterstattung über sexuelle Belästigung in der Makerer Universität und darüber hinaus.

Im Nachgang mehrerer Medienberichte über sexuelle Belästigung an der Makerere Universität in Kampala, veranstaltete die Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) zusammen mit ihren Partnern Women in Media und Kweeta einen Themenabend, der sexuelle Belästigung und deren Berichterstattung in Makerere-Universitäten und darüber hinaus thematisierte.

Event Reports

Making sure the issue becomes the story: problematizing the media coverage of sexual harassment at Makerere University

In the after march of several media reports on sexual harassment in Makerere University, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) together with its partners "Women in Media" and "Kweeta" organized a theme night, discussing sexual harassment and its media coverage in Makerere University and beyond.

Event Reports

Why it Matters to Problematize and Tackle the Problem of Sexual Harassment Everywhere

Keynote Adress
In the after march of several media reports on sexual harassment in Makerere University, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and its partner Women in Media discussed sexual harassment and its media coverage in Makerere Universitys and beyond. Professor Sylvia Tamale, head of the committee investigating sexual harassment at Makerere University,gave a keynote address.