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Mentoring and Coaching for Apac and Pallisa Women caucuses

Enhancing the effectiveness of caucuses at the local level

Our partner Action for Development in a bid to increase the effectiveness of women's leaders participation in their respective spaces, will conduct mentoring and coaching sessions for female councilors in Apac and Pallisa


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Effective Use of Social Media by Local Government Leaders for Civic Engagement in Uganda

Training local government leaders in the effective use of social media for civic engagement will enhance their use of new media platforms for communication and hence promote accountability of duty bearers to local community concerns.



Are political parties providing adequate space for youth Political participation?

The focus of the discussion seeks to interrogate meaningful youth engagement in democratic governance in Uganda.


Think Tank Roundtable on Migration and Refugees

Harmonising the refugee policy for East African Community

The Think Tank Working Group on Refugees will on the 29th Nov 2016 share their draft policy paper with a select Group of experts and policy makers in a bid to refine and contextualise their findings. the paper will be discussed at a half day meeting.


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A more inclussive and gender aware media

This is the commencement of a series of dialogues intended to look into issues affecting women working in the media and the coverage of women in Ugandan media.


Civic Education at the Grassroots level in Uganda

Jinja, Masaka, Mbarara and Lira to carry out the pilot Grassroots training

GAIN Uganda will conduct Civic education pilot trainings at the grassroots in 4 regions of Uganda. Orgainsed by The GAIN Uganda member Organisations, Jinja will take place on 22nd - 23rd, Masaka 24th, Mbarara 25th and Lira 29-30 November.



Mentoring the Next Generation of Ugandan Journalists

Under the overarching objective of nurturing and celebrating professional journalism and media practices in Uganda, the 2016 MCI more specifically seeks to create a platform for young and aspiring journalist to showcase their talents.



The workshop is an inaugural gathering of 20 of Uganda's young and emerging leaders and it is designed to train and orient values of self-advancement, integrity, social responsibility, and socioeconomic transformation among the youth.


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Promoting Accountability and Good Governance in Uganda

Training of Trainers (ToT) for GAIN-Uganda member Organisations

In a bid to roll out a country wide civic education campaign, GAIN Uganda will undergo training as well as get acclimatized with the newly produced civic education materials. This will be followed by pilot trainings in 4 regions of Uganda.



Exploring Feasible Alternatives for Peace and Development in South Sudan

The activity is expected to broaden the understanding of corruption and the current debates on foreign interventions in South Sudan and suggest credible alternatives for ushering in peace and development in the country.

Radio Programmes in Northern Uganda – SPACE Project

Why we need to prioritise mental health

Audience feedback from radio talk shows in Northern Uganda calls for the need for community capacity-building on mental health and improved health services.

Training of Service User Committee Members in Northern Uganda

Engagement of local services committees in the North - EU SPACE Project

Capacity building of Service User Committees is critical to solving community challenges, empowering citizens to assess and monitor local service delivery. The training therefore aimed at enhancing the capacity of Service User Committees in northern Uganda, on their oversight roles and responsibilities within Local Government accountability and service-delivery.

EU Project in Moroto & Napak

Performance and efficiency of the public sector is a prominent part of the National Development Plan III (NDPIII) towards agenda 2040. In our dialogues, we discussed public resource management approaches implemented by the districts in terms of public money, store property, assets, loans and government investments in the various districts.

Accountability gaps in the North increase pressure to act

Community Engagements in Northern Uganda have ignited discussions with the district leaderships in Northern Uganda. As shortcomings are being discussed, particularly issues of gender-responsiveness surface in the discussions and are met by promises for action.

Looking back on three successful citizen webinars:

During COVID-19, joining hands with governmental efforts is paramount

After the conclusion of three successful webinars, KAS looks back on a series of events that have contributed to raising greater awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launch of the KAS EU Project: SPACE

Strengthening Performance and Accountability through Community Engagement

Welcomed all participants to our launch of SPACE-an EU funded project in partnership with the government of Uganda through the Development initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU)

“You need to market yourself as youth leaders” – Prof. Yasin Olum

From 04th to 06th March 2020 we organized together with the National Youth Council (NYC) a Training of Youth Leaders from Ankole Sub Region in Mbarara

“We should be more concerned about air pollution in Kampala” - Deo Okure

Roundtable Discussion about the Status and Costs of Kampalas Polluted Air

Together with ACTADE, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Uganda hosted a roundtable discussion on air pollution in Kampala as the first event of the Platform for Uganda Green Growth (PLUG).

Launching a Platform for Political Leadership Advancement for South Sudanese Youth

During the inaugural workshop held in Juba on 13th & 14th of February 2020, the political leadership advancement training brought together 30 youth who have demonstrated leadership potentials through previous volunteer engagements and professional work and are interested in furthering their leadership skills and political competencies which will allow them to actively take part in political leadership and civic processes.

Promoting good governance in a multiparty system at the district level     

Together with the Directorate of National Guidance (DNG) we hosted a two days training for district leaders in Lira in order to promote political pluralism and stronger collaboration among the appointed and elected leaders at the local government level.