Political Parties Discuss Party Funding Bill



Public Dialogue on the Party Funding Bill

By FAD (Foundation for African Development)

The dialogue will bring togeter stakeholders from political parties, parliament and the academia among others to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the proposed government funding for political parties


Human Rights Training for Journalists

Workshop by UMDF (Uganda Media Development Foundation)

The workshop organised in collaboration with Gulu Press Club. 30 journalists print and broadcasting media shall undergo a three day training on different aspects to improve their skills and experiences for better delivery in human rights reporting.


Capacity Building for Women in Leadership

Workshop by WOTODEV (Women Together for Development)

The workshop aims to build the capacity of women leaders through equiping them with effective leadership skills and deepening their understanding of multiparty politics.


Increasing Awareness of Women Leaders

Workshop by WOTODEV (Women Together for Development)

To promote efficiency in service delivery, the workshop targets to train women leaders to better understand their roles in community development


Promoting Legal and Human Rights for Women and Girls

Workshop by AFODE (Action for Development)

The workshop aims to increase opportunities for women inclusion in decision-making through defending women’s rights and reducing incidences of discrimination against women and girl children.


Fostering Equal Partnership in Development

Workshop by WOTODEV (Women Together for Development)

Women leaders will be trained in among other things: the roles of Councillors in community development and leadership aspects such as lobbying and resource mobilisation.


The Role of Lower Local Councils in the Democratisation Process

Seminar by FAD (Foundation for African Development)

The seminar targets Area Parliamentarians, Potential Parliamentary Candidates, Party Leaders,former Parliamentarians, LC V Councillors, Religious and Traditional Leaders in Kamwenge District


Training Women Leaders to Participate in Political Development

Workshop by WOTODEV (Women Together for Development)

For effective participation in the political development of their areas, women leaders will be trained in leadership skills and the roles of local councillors in community development


Increasing Awareness of Leaders for Efficient Service Delivery

Workshop by WOTODEV (Women Together for Development)

The workshop targets to train women leaders in effective leadership skills including advocay, lobbying and resource mobilisation

Radio Programmes in Northern Uganda – SPACE Project

Why we need to prioritise mental health

Audience feedback from radio talk shows in Northern Uganda calls for the need for community capacity-building on mental health and improved health services.

Training of Service User Committee Members in Northern Uganda

Engagement of local services committees in the North - EU SPACE Project

Capacity building of Service User Committees is critical to solving community challenges, empowering citizens to assess and monitor local service delivery. The training therefore aimed at enhancing the capacity of Service User Committees in northern Uganda, on their oversight roles and responsibilities within Local Government accountability and service-delivery.

EU Project in Moroto & Napak

Performance and efficiency of the public sector is a prominent part of the National Development Plan III (NDPIII) towards agenda 2040. In our dialogues, we discussed public resource management approaches implemented by the districts in terms of public money, store property, assets, loans and government investments in the various districts.

Accountability gaps in the North increase pressure to act

Community Engagements in Northern Uganda have ignited discussions with the district leaderships in Northern Uganda. As shortcomings are being discussed, particularly issues of gender-responsiveness surface in the discussions and are met by promises for action.

Looking back on three successful citizen webinars:

During COVID-19, joining hands with governmental efforts is paramount

After the conclusion of three successful webinars, KAS looks back on a series of events that have contributed to raising greater awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launch of the KAS EU Project: SPACE

Strengthening Performance and Accountability through Community Engagement

Welcomed all participants to our launch of SPACE-an EU funded project in partnership with the government of Uganda through the Development initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU)

“You need to market yourself as youth leaders” – Prof. Yasin Olum

From 04th to 06th March 2020 we organized together with the National Youth Council (NYC) a Training of Youth Leaders from Ankole Sub Region in Mbarara

“We should be more concerned about air pollution in Kampala” - Deo Okure

Roundtable Discussion about the Status and Costs of Kampalas Polluted Air

Together with ACTADE, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Uganda hosted a roundtable discussion on air pollution in Kampala as the first event of the Platform for Uganda Green Growth (PLUG).

Launching a Platform for Political Leadership Advancement for South Sudanese Youth

During the inaugural workshop held in Juba on 13th & 14th of February 2020, the political leadership advancement training brought together 30 youth who have demonstrated leadership potentials through previous volunteer engagements and professional work and are interested in furthering their leadership skills and political competencies which will allow them to actively take part in political leadership and civic processes.

Promoting good governance in a multiparty system at the district level     

Together with the Directorate of National Guidance (DNG) we hosted a two days training for district leaders in Lira in order to promote political pluralism and stronger collaboration among the appointed and elected leaders at the local government level.