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American Muslim Leaders Visit Concentration Camps to Learn About Holocaust, Pay Respects to Victims

A group of eight American Muslim leaders have visited the Dachau andAuschwitz concentration camps to learn more about the Holocaust and to payrespects to its victims.

Bundeskanzlerin Merkels Rede vor der U.N. zu den Millenniumszielen


Bundeskanzlerin Merkel hat in New York vor den Vereinten Nationen über die Ziele deutscher Entwicklungspolitik gesprochen. Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, zeitliche Begrenzung und die Verantwortung der jeweiligen Regierung lauten die wichtigsten Punkte Merkels, die sich zu den Milleniumszielen der UN bekennt.

Midterm Elections: Referendum über die Politik von Präsident Obama

Am Dienstag, 2. November 2010, werden in den USA Zwischenwahlenstattfinden. Zur Wahl stehen die 435 Mitglieder desRepräsentantenhauses, 37 (34 für sechs Jahre, drei für kürzerePerioden) der 100 Senatoren, 37 Gouverneure von Bundesstaatensowie zahlreiche weitere Positionen in Bundesstaaten,Kreisen und Städten. Auch wenn viele Wahlkämpfe vonörtlichen Themen und den jeweiligen Kandidaten geprägt sind,so ist die Stimmungslage im Lande derart, daß dieZwischenwahlen vor allem zu einem Referendum über diebisherige Politik von Präsident Barack Obama werden dürften.

Tolerance Through Truth

8 American Muslim leaders visited Nazi concentration camps in an effort to promote tolerance, understanding, and change between Jewish and Muslims communities.

US Imams and Muslim leaders Make Historic Trip to Auschwitz

On August 7 – 11, eight of the most influential Imams and Muslim leaders in the U.S. made an historic trip to concentration camps in Germany and Poland. The trip was led by Rabbi Jack Bemporad of the Center for Interreligious Understanding (NJ); organized by Prof. Marshall Breger, Catholic University of America and Suhail Khan of the Institute for Global Engagement; and funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany). Joining the delegation were two State Department Ambassadors: Hannah Rosenthal, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism and Rashid Hussein.

Visit to Auschwitz and Dachau

Joining eight imams in prayer at Dachau concentration camp was a powerful experience and a profound show of faith and solidarity with the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. This event took place even as anti-Semitism and Islamophobia spread across the world. For these eight religious leaders, the future will be shaped by a shared understanding of the past, not by the prejudice of the present. As representatives of government and communities we joined these clerics to bear witness to the horror and tragedy of the Holocaust and reaffirm the pledge - “never again.”

An imam at Auschwitz: Local Muslim cleric joins Jewish leaders on Holocaust journey

Suhaib Webb can’t stop thinking about what he saw at Auschwitz-Birkenau last month: piles of discarded shoes, ghoulish fluffs of human hair, train tracks that once led to death and incineration for a million Jews. The memories make him cry out to Allah. Last month Webb, who is an imam in Santa Clara, and seven other Muslim clerics joined Jewish leaders on a journey to the death camps at Dachau and Auschwitz-Birkenau. The experience seared him.

Imams brief congressman on trip to concentration camps to battle anti-Semitism

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison held a public briefing on Capitol Hill to hear from a group of American imams on their recent trip to former Nazi concentration camps to help combat anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. The group visited Dachau and Auschwitz camps in Germany. "I had gone to Auschwitz as a college exchange student and it had a transformative effect on me," Ellison said after the briefing Wednesday. The Democrat said that was one of the main reasons he got involved with the group.

Remarks by the President at the Millennium Development Goals Summit in New York, New York

In the Charter of this United Nations, our countries pledged to work for “the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples.” In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we recognized the inherent dignity and rights of every individual, including the right to a decent standard of living. And a decade ago, at the dawn of a new millennium, we set concrete goals to free our fellow men, women and children from the injustice of extreme poverty.

US Reactions to the recent Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative

As Israel and the Palestinian Authority, led by the U.S., resumed direct peace talks after 20 months, many Israelis and Palestinians already agree on one point: Chances for success are slim, and many U.S. politicians and analysts share the same skepticism. The fact that President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu are meeting face to face is not considered a breakthrough, but that closing the longstanding gaps in their positions and rebuilding shattered trust would be.