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The Bomb for Beginners

A do-it-yourself guide to going nuke in a few easy steps

Building a nuclear weapon has never been easier. NATO’sMichael Rühle provides step-by-step instructions for going nuclear, fromdiscretely collecting material to minimizing the fallout when caught. Thesesimple steps have worked for the likes of Israel, Pakistan, and North Korea,among others. The nuclear club is open to your country, too.

„This is not the Kennedy seat – this is the people´s seat”

Demokraten verlieren Nachwahlen zum US Senate in Massachusetts

Bei der Senatswahl in Massachusetts haben die Demokraten von US-Präsident Barack Obama eine verheerende Niederlage erlitten. Der seit Jahrzehnten von Edward Kennedy gehaltene Sitz ging am Dienstag an den Republikaner Scott Brown.

U.S. Intelligence-Post 9/11

A first probe into the lapses that almost led to an explosion on a transatlantic airliner on Christmas Day reportedly found that US government agencies failed to share key information that would have stopped the would-be bomber from ever getting on an airplane. Despite the billions of dollars spent over the last eight years to improve the intelligence flow and secret communications across the United States’ national security apparatus, the system failed according to President Obama.

Copenhagen viewed from afar

US-perspective of climate change conference in Copenhagen

After Copenhagen

U.S. Press Review

US press and blogs gave a cool response to what President Barack Obama called an "unprecedented" 11th-hour, non-binding deal on climate change during talks in Copenhagen.

Obama Negotiates 'Copenhagen Accord' With Senate Climate Fight in Mind

President Obama may have improved his chances for passing global warming legislation in the Senate by forging an interim international agreement here that puts both rich and poor countries on a path to curtail greenhouse gas emissions.

No Progress in Copenhagen

Press review

Slow, if any progress is being made at the Copenhagen climate change talks. As the world’s leading economies trade barbs over the most basic questions about how to divide responsibility for curbing green house gas emissions, the United Nations’ effort to muster global action against climate change appears to moving backwards.

Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths

The religious beliefs and practices of Americans

The religious beliefs and practices of Americans do not fit neatly into conventional categories. A new poll by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life finds that large numbers of Americans engage in multiple religious practices, mixing elements of diverse traditions. Many say they attend worship services of more than one faith or denomination - even when they are not traveling or going to special events like weddings and funerals.

Russia's Wrong Blueprint for European Security

On the eve of this week's Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and NATO Ministerial meetings, in addition to a NATO-Russia Council gathering, Russian officials unveiled their long-awaited proposal for a new European Security Treaty. The Medvedev proposal, as it has become known, has been the subject of considerable debate within NATO and among OSCE member states. Some argue that it represents an important opportunity to engage with Russia on addressing security needs in Europe.

Stiglitz and the Master of Puppets

Burma: Outside Interests, Inside Challenges

The long list of dignitaries with whom Burma’s junta chief has played ‘engagement’ attests to his masterfully strategic use of iconic figures for public relations purposes. Stiglitz may be next.