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No Parade for Hans

Often, as I have passed through the main train station here inthe German capital, I have seen the sad, lone figure of a soldier,heavy pack on his back, waiting for a train like the rest of us, butseparated from the crowd by the uniform he wears. No onewould stop to thank him for his service or to ask whether he hadbeen deployed to Afghanistan.

US Climate Policy On the Road to Copenhagen

The political context makes it clear that the US will not have a climate bill ready in time for the talks in Copenhagen, and the commonly accepted premise seems to be that without climate legislation enacted domestically, the US won’t be able to sign on a global deal on climate change in December.

China Safari - On the Trail of Beijing’s Expansion in Africa

In „China Safari - On the Trail of Beijing’s Expansion In Africa“, authors Serge Michel and Michel Beuret take the reader on a journey to the heart of the Sino-African partnership, one, they argue, that is transforming the African continent to a degree not seen since decolonization. The book, which includes a 16-page photo insert by photojournalist Paolo Woods, is the result of two years on the ground reporting from 12 African countries and China.

'Change has come'...or has it?

A step back for President Obama during the "off-year" vote

The first Tuesday in November is traditionally voting day in the USA. The national and international attention has been concentrated on the every four year presidential vote. The in between votes in which members of the Houses as well as one third of the US Senate is elected are also watched with much interest. However, the less observed "off-year" vote still has a far reaching political broadcast.

„Wir haben die Kraft, die Mauern unserer Zeit zu überwinden“

Rede von Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel vor dem US-Kongress

Nur selten wird einem ausländischen Staats- oder Regierungschef die Ehre zuteil, vor beiden Häusern des US Kongresses (Senate und House) eine Rede halten zu dürfen. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hatte Bundeskanzlerin Merkel hierzu eingeladen.

The First Post-Racial Candidate – Debate Around Affirmative Action

„Change you can believe in” war der Slogan von Barack Obamas. Der angestrebte Wandel bezog sich nicht nur auf die Regierung in Washington, sondern sollte vielmehr in der gesamten amerikanischen Gesellschaft stattfinden.

Speech by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel MP to the US Congress


Speech by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel MP to the US Congress

Burma: Outside Interests, Inside Challenges

in Zusammenarbeit mit der Brookings Institution mit Teilnehmern aus Asien, Europa, und den USA.

“That Is Our Calling” - Reforming America's Health Care System

“I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last,” sprach Präsident Barack Obama hoffnungsvoll am 9. September 2009 in einer außerordentlichen Ansprache vor dem versammelten Kongress. In der gleichen Woche veröffentlichte das amerikanischen Statistikamt eine Studie, laut der sich die Zahl der Unversicherten zwischen 2007 und 2008 von 45,7 auf 46,3 Millionen erhöht hatte und nunmehr 15,4 Prozent der Bevölkerung ausmachte – Tendenz steigend.

The Politics of Health Care Reform in the US: Can President Obama Deliver?

The current health care reform debate has become badly, even bitterly, divided over a host of politically sensitive issues, including the huge overall projected financial burden, the scale of government involvement, and the increasingly partisan and inter-party ideological battles. Combined, these issues make it almost impossible to predict whether President Obama can muster the 218 House of Representatives and 60 Senate votes he needs in order to enact a health care reform bill into law.