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A visit to the primaries in South Carolina and Texas

Trends and new developments in societies are discussed especially during election campaign cycles. The presidential and congressional primaries to the US-elections in November provide a very good opportunity to see which issues are brought to the fore by the public and politicians, and what solutions are offered for future challenges


It is particularly interesting to analyze how political candidates communicate with potential voters, partly in new ways and in new formats. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) has invited as speaker Dr. Sandra Busch-Janser from KAS headquarters in Berlin. Dr. Janser has broad expertise in political communications and political campaigning. The goal is to engage with representatives of the campaigns and the political parties as well as with political advisors in two US states with different histories and topics, and to link the topics to the transatlantic agenda.

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  • Dr. Sandra Busch-Janser

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