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A Decisive Moment

U.S. Elections and Its Implications for Transatlantic Relations

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2020 - A Year Like No Other

How the Pandemic impacts the News Media

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Lessons Learned

How to Reinvigorate and Further Strengthen the Transatlantic Partnership?

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Informed and Resilient

How to Protect Democratic Societies in Times of COVID-19 and Digital Change

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The U.S. Elections in November explained

Principles and Rules of the Electoral Process

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The Rise of the Millennial and Minority Vote

The U.S. Electorate in 2020

Expert conference


Adenauer 101: Europe's Next Chapter

Meeting of KAS Scholarship Holders

KAS USA will again participate in the European Student Conference (ESC) 2020, the annual meeting of KAS scholarship holders studying in the USA and participating in the conference.

Study and Information Program


Quality Reporting in the Era of Fake News and Disinformation

RTL School of Journalism Students visit Washington

The Cologne based RTL School of Journalism will visit Washington from March 24th to 27th for meetings organized by KAS USA with US-Think Tank experts, thought leaders and media correspondents.

Study and Information Program

Kandidaten, politische Programme und ihre Kommunikation

Die US-Vorwahlkämpfe in South Carolina und Texas

Bei einer Reihe von Gesprächen mit amerikanischen Bundes- und Landespolitikern, mit Managern und Freiwilligen der Wahlkampagnen von Demokraten und Republikanern haben sich die Teilnehmer des vom KAS-Büro USA organisierten Besuchsprogramms über die aktuellen politischen Trends und ihre Verankerung in den politischen Botschaften und Programmen vertraut gemacht.

Study and Information Program

Trends, Topics and Communication

A visit to the primaries in South Carolina and Texas

Trends and new developments in societies are discussed especially during election campaign cycles. The presidential and congressional primaries to the US-elections in November provide a very good opportunity to see which issues are brought to the fore by the public and politicians, and what solutions are offered for future challenges

Transfer from Politics to the Public: Content and Methods

A Transatlantic Dialog Program with Elected Officials and Political Strategists

German elected officials and political strategists met with campaign officials and experts in the Washington, DC, region and Boston, Massachusetts to discuss and observe the November 6 elections.

Understanding the Role of Political Communication

Dialogue Program with MdB Philipp Mißfelder and young political leaders

Policy Spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Philipp Mißfelder, MdB, led a delegation of young elected officials and political activists to Washington, DC, from July 9-13. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Washington organized a program against the backdrop of the presidential and congressional elections in November 2012. The group participated in many roundtable discussions in Washington DC and the battleground state of Virginia to exchange ideas about the transatlantic relationship and learn more about the way American campaigns communicate with the public.

Transatlantic Free Trade and Economic Relations

Dialogue Program with MdB Peter Beyer

During recent meetings in Washington, DC, and Virginia, MdB Peter Beyer, a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the German Bundestag, discussed trade and economic issues with elected officials, business leaders and policy experts. Mr. Beyer presented his views and support of a proposed trade agreement between the United States and European Union. The candid discussions that ensued provided insight into the political challenges, areas of concern and potential timeline for an agreement to move forward.

A Transatlantic Dialogue among Party and Policy Experts

"Conservative Parties Staying Competitive: The Challenges of the 21st Century"

With the financial crisis has come a change in the political party landscape in the USA – the Occupy Movement pressures the Democratic party to acknowledge socio-economic challenges while the Tea Party demands the Republican party to reorder its priorities regarding. The phenomena of the reshaping of the major parties is not limited to the United States as was illuminated in the roundtable discussion on “Conservative Parties Staying Competitive: The Challenges of the 21st Century.” The featured guest speaker was Dr. Jürgen Rüttgers, former Prime Minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The West Adrift? How North Americans and Europeans need to adjust their transatlantic politics after the crisis

Keynote by Professor Neuss, Conference in Toronto Canada

“Continuity or change” – The “Rift or Drift” of the transatlantic community has been a permanent feature of debates. However, the resilience of NATO as well as of the transatlantic relationship in general have been remarkable. Nonetheless: The end of the Cold War and the onset of globalization have changed the relationship.

Promoting Renewable Energy – Promoting Cooperation

Israeli-Palestinian Delegation to the USA: Approaches to a Shared Energy Solution

Climate change and renewable energy is a top priority within the framework of German development cooperation. Hence, the Washington DC office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hosted a study trip of Israeli and Palestinian energy experts to Chicago and Washington DC from March 5th through 9th, 2012.

Transatlantic Security Cooperation

The Military in Germany and the U.S. - Two Perspectives

On February 17 and 18, more than 400 participants attended the Fifth Annual German Conference at Harvard to discuss this year’s theme, “The German Angst of Leadership.” The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung hosted a panel discussion on security policy, featuring remarks by both a German soldier and a U.S. soldier who discussed their experiences in Afghanistan.

The 2012 Presidential Race - Current Developments and its Impact on Foreign Policy

A Roundtable Discussion with Philipp Mißfelder, MdB

German and American political insiders and policy experts assemble to discuss the upcoming 2012 U.S. presidential election with Philipp Mißfelder, Member of the German Bundestag.

A Transatlantic Response to the Arab Spring

Speech by Joseph Daul, MEP and Chair, EPP-ED Group

The significance of 1775 for the United States can easily be compared with the significance of 1789, 1848, and 1989 for Europe. All these dates mark history because they were the occasions of revolts of populations that felt oppressed, who fought against what they considered to be tyranny and injustice. Whatever may come in wake of the Arab revolutions, history will continue to be written.

Gary Johnson bei CATO

Gary Johnson sprach im Rahmen einer Cato- Veranstaltung vor Studenten über seine Erfahrungenals ehemaliger Gouverneur von New Mexico, seine politischen Ansichten und diemögliche Zukunft in der Drogenbekämpfung. Gary Johnson gründete 1976 Big J, eine Firma,die sich mit Konstruktionstechniken auseinandersetzt. Aus einem Ein-Mannunternehmenmachte er einen Großkonzern mit 1000 Mitarbeitern in Albuquerque und schaffte es 1994,als Quereinsteiger zum Gouverneur von New Mexico gewählt zu werden.