Event Reports

Consulation Workshop on "Best Practice of Urban Governance in Vietnam"

KAS, in collaboration with ACVN, organizes a consultation workshop today, at Sheraton Hotel, on “Best practice of urban governance in Vietnam”. At the event, findings from a study research focusing on: i) Administrative Reforms; ii) Urban Environment Management and iii) Building city branding which was conducted in 6 selected cities including Uong Bi, Ha Noi, Lao Cai, Vinh, Hoi An and Nha Trang are presented. All participants agree that these above themes are most important and burning issues in urban management nowadays. Many practical issues, model and effective ways are shared and exchanged. The workshop is successful in bringing a platform for connection among cities as well as between city and government ministries and agencies towards a long-term, sustainable and effective collaboration in the future. People of the cities play an important role in the success of model as without their support and participation, models could not be able to achieve its expected outcomes. Plastic waste related issues also should be incorporated into the report. The final report should synthesize into lesson learnt so as to easy to replicate nationwide. ACVN will play a very important role in connecting with other cities in countries and abroad as well to exchange lesson learnt in urban management. Leaders from ACVN highly appreciate the valuable support from KAS and look forward to continued collaboration in the time to come. In response, Mr. Peter Girke – KAS Representative also expresses heartfelt thanks and appreciation to ACVN and emphasizes that the findings from this study research shall be the kick-off and basis for designing next year’s cooperation plan between ACVN and KAS.