Event Reports

Quarterly Macroeconomic Report II/ 2019

The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) in cooperation with KAS Vietnam launched its quarterly report II/2019 on July 11. The report was presented by Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh, President of the VEPR. Vietnam’s economy grew at 6,71% (yo), lower than the figure Q1/2019 at 6,79%. The growth in the agro-forestry-fishery, service and industrial sectors slowed down the first half of 2019. The FDI sector played crucial roles in economic growth through exports. Established Vietnamese economists including Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, Dr. Can Van Luc and Dr. Nguyen Nhu Phong commented on the VEPR economic report and answer questions of journalists on the plan of downsizing state personnel and state investment allocation.