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Energía, clima y política medioambiental

Política energética, climática y ambiental

Energiewende in Deutschland, globale Ressourcenfragen, Klimaverhandlungen und Nachhaltigkeitspolitik

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The topics of energy, climate and environmental policy are of central importance for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). It is with events, studies and analyses that we support the political and social discussion on the current challenges.

Hence, for the KAS, this topic presents not only a regulatory challenge, but is also a key concern as regards preserving creation and protecting sources of life for present and future generations. Therefore, we intend to provide impulses for sustainably managing the environment at both national and international level. Environmental protection is also a cross-sectional task which places the KAS's previous fields of activity, e.g. in the fields of development, business, security and energy in a different context while also tying in with the existing fields of activity.

Current work focuses on the energy revolution in Germany, global resource issues, climate negotiations and sustainability policy, to name a few.