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Syncing Environmental and Energy Security through inter-bloc Cooperation:

de Flávio Augusto Lira Nascimento

What is in for the EU and Mercosur?

This paper seeks to discuss the importance of cooperation between the European Union and Mercosur in sustainable energy policy making, as well as present suggestions on how social and political dialogue should take place in those areas.

As a bloc, the European Union has had a tradition of mutually evolving environmental and energy legislation that has been solidified by the involvement of government, the business sector and civil society. This has led to an overall positive impact of environmental pressures over the course of the EU's energy transition.

In Mercosur such process has not taken place due to smaller interest from both the business sector and civil society in environmental protection and energy diversification, as well as to the state’s comparatively larger share in defining such agendas.

By presenting the legislation of both blocs in those fields, the author shall highlight the resulting differences in how each of them deals with those areas, particularly when they interconnect.

In the end, the author proposes inter-bloc cooperation as a way for Mercosur and the EU to benefit mutually in energy transition as well as strengthen their integration process.

The text is available above, as a free PDF.


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