Conferencia especializada

Konferenz zur Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise

Marginalised and divided or stronger than before? The European Union and the Euro-Crisis

Nicht nur Ursachen und Probleme der Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise, sondern vor allem deren unmittelbare und langfristige Folgen, unter anderem für das Ansehen unserer Wirtschafts- und Sozialordnung, sollen im Mittelpunkt dieser Konferenz stehen



Sunday, 6th of March 2011

Welcome Reception

Followed by Dinner

Dinner Speech on “Europe’s Dept Crisis and Implications for Policy”

By Lord Robert Skidelsky, Chairman, Center for Global Studies

Monday, 7th of March 2011

Opening remarks by Thomas Bernd Stehling

Director, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Madrid

First session

„An incomplete Agenda? How to safeguard the Euro“


Pedro Duarte, “Diario Económico”, Lisboa


Steffen Kampeter MP, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin


Cristóbal Montoro MP, fmr. Spanish Finance Minister

Paulo Mota Pinto MP, Chairman, Finance Committee, Parliament

of Portugal, Lisboa

Gary Litman, Vice-President, US Chamber of Commerce, Washington

Burkhard Balz, Member of the European Parliament, Brussels

followed by discussion


Second session

“The Economic Crisis and the Populist Challenge – Will Voters turn their back on Europe?”


Senator Luis Fraga Egusquiaguirre, Madrid


Prof. Dr. Gerd Langguth, University of Bonn


Prof. Dr. Arantza de Areilza, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, IE Business School, Madrid

Peter Altmaier MP, Chief Whip, CDU/CSU-Parliamentary Group, Berlin

Pedro Mota Soares MP, Leader of the CDS-PP Parliamentary Group, Lisboa

Baudillio Tomé Muguruza MP, Madrid

followed by discussion


Dinner Speech on “Will Europe fail if the Euro fails?”

By Prof. Dr. Joao Carlos Espada, Director of the Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal, Lisboa, and EP/Geremek European Civilisation Chair, Warsaw

Tuesday, 8th of March 2011

Third session

“The Impact of the Crisis on Foreign Relations and the Global Political Architecture”


Ambassador Antonio Monteiro, fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lisboa


Ana Palacio, fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madrid


Paulo Portas MP, President CDS-PP, fmr. Minister of Defence, Lisboa

General (ret.) Klaus Naumann, fmr. Chairman NATO-Military Commit-tee

Gustavo de Aristegui MP, Foreign Affairs Committee, Parliament of Spain, Madrid

Quentin Peel, Financial Times, London/Berlin



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Málaga, Spanien


Thomas Bernd Stehling

Thomas Bernd Stehling bild

Director de la Oficina en Madrid para España y Portugal