Fondation Civitas Bernhard Vogel

Endowment contribution to the capital reserves of the Civitas-Bernhard-Vogel-Foundation

In early 2007, dedicated citizens from politics and the economy founded the “Civitas-Bernhard-Vogel-Foundation”. The new foundation is designed to be a beneficiary foundation of the KAS. Its statutory purposes are largely identical with those of KAS.

The Civitas-Bernhard-Vogel-Stiftung is not operationally active itself, but rather funds KAS projects from the proceeds of its capital stock.

This harnesses the benefits of a non-profit organisation for future work carried out by KAS. When it comes to donating one’s will and legacies, the Civitas-Bernhard-Vogel-Foundation also provides the advantage of preserving capital over the long-term and serving the non-profit purpose through investment income. Furthermore, donations in the capital reserves of a non-profit foundation are subject to high levels of tax relief.

We would be happy to explain in person how you can take advantage of tax benefits associated with an endowment contribution.