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The Power of Youth

Future Change Maker Programm

Supported by the Regional Program Gulf States at KAS, Ibtkar has launched a 10 weeks training program for the Kuwaiti youth aiming at assisting them to acquire the necessary skills for self-initiative campaigning.
Power Of Youth Announcement
Power Of Youth Announcement

The Power of Youth is a 10 week immersive training program that includes creating a leadership blueprint for 30 young participants. The program aims to set long term campaign objectives which range from: helping participants create power maps for networks and affiliations, developing a clear mission statement that speaks to their particular representational needs, logistical and collaborative planning to learning how to approach policymakers. In addition, the participants will engage in media training on how to manage their own “brand” and their digital identity while avoiding personal attacks and respecting common values, and most importantly, how to work within the existing system to accomplish their campaign’s goals using lessons from successful and unsuccessful youth campaigns in Kuwait and across the globe. The program was fortified by local experts who engaged the young participants and shared their knowledge and experience with them.

As part of training, the participants will launch four initiatives campaigns in health, economic, environmental and citizenship awareness using the skills and real life experience they gained during this training.



Fabian Blumberg

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Leiter des Regionalprogramms Golfstaaten +962 6 59 24 150

Dr. Mohammad Yaghi

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Programm-Manager | Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter +962 6 59 24 150

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