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Gouverneurswahlen in Mexiko

Klare Ergebnisse und keine Überraschungen

Die letzten Gouverneurswahlen vor der Präsidentschaftswahl 2024 in den Bundesstaaten Coahuila und Estado de México bestätigten die Prognosen und Umfragen vor der Wahl am 4. Juni. Im bevölkerungsreichsten Bundesstaat Estado de México siegte mit deutlichem Abstand die MORENA-Kandidatin Delfina Gómez und beendete damit eine über 90 Jahre andauernde Herrschaft der PRI. In Coahuila setzte sich hingegen ebenso erwartungsgemäß der PRI-Kandidat der Oppositionskoalition „Va por México“, Manolo Jiménez, durch. Mit diesem Ereignis sind nun auch der politische Fokus und die entsprechenden Spekulationen und Debatten ganz auf die im Juni 2024 anstehende Präsidentschaftswahl und damit auf die Nachfolge des amtierenden Präsidenten, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), gerichtet.

Isra News' articles of February 2023

Read news articles of February 2023 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of February 2023 from Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) Review on Thailand’s drafted ministerial regulation on anti-drugs: people caught with more than one meth pill will face legal action, 2) PM2.5 solutions: solving the pollution by laws vs by cooperation?, and 3) Section 22 – 25 of the act on torture and enforced disappearance have been delayed to enforce due to unreadiness?.

Isra News' articles of March 2023

Read news articles of March 2023 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of March 2023 from Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) The ‘National Pension Policy – Increasing the Elderly Allowance’ – Campaign for General Election Battle – Fiscal Burden?, 2) Review on Gun Control Measures – Proactive actions are needed to stop mass shootings, and 3) Can the current computer-related crime act solve voice phishing?.

Isra News' articles of April 2023

Read news articles of April 2023 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of April 2023 from Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) Road Safety Policy: the forgotten policy that political parties have not campaigned for the General Election?, 2) Bangkok traffic jams: public transport policy is a big challenge for the General Election, 3) Lesson learned from Swedish Forestry Model: The model that Thailand follows yet is still far from fully implemented, and 4) When Administrative Court’s ruling on government officers’ disciplinary action invalidates the arraignment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Isra News' articles of May 2023

Read news articles of May 2023 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of May 2023 from Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) Policies on elderly care allowance proposed by 9 main political parties – Fiscal challenges for Thailand’s ageing society, 2) The effects of household and parental absence on child’s potential and development, and 3) Anti-SLAPP Law – Promoting participation against corruption – protecting the public interest.

Conflict Weekly #178, 01 June 2023, Vol.4, No.22

An initiative by NIAS-IPRI and India Office of the KAS

The Russia-Ukraine Drone Warfare, Violence in Kosovo, and a Separatists' Crisis in Cameroon

Primer encuentro regional sobre centro político y medio ambiente

Junto a 30 participantes se inició en La Serena, Coquimbo, el ciclo de encuentros regionales sobre centro político y medio ambiente.

El último fin de semana nos encontramos en La Serena, Coquimbo, junto a jóvenes políticos del centro político, con quienes reflexionamos y discutimos sobre la acción política desde el centro y el medio ambiente. Agradecemos al senador Matías Walker, Cristián Gutiérrez y Jorge Cash por su participación.

Lebanon’s Quest for Justice: The State of the Investigation into the Beirut Port Explosion

Taking a closer look at Lebanon's struggle for justice: Where does the port blast investigation stand stand after more than two years?


The volume is available here:

Since the 1990 wave of constitutional reforms in Africa, the role of constitutional courts or courts exercising the power to interpret and apply constitutions have become a critical aspect to the on-going process of constitutional construction, reconstruction, and maintenance. These developments appear, at least from the texts of the revised or new constitutions, to have resulted in fundamental changes in the nature and role of courts exercising jurisdiction in constitutional matters. The chapters in this second volume of the Stellenbosch Handbooks in African Constitutional Law series are the first to undertake a critical and comparative examination of the interplay of the diverse forms of constitutional review models on the continent. Comparative analysis is particularly important given the fact that over the last two decades, constitutional courts in Africa have been asked to decide a litany of hotly-contested and often sensitive disputes of a social, political, and economic nature. As the list of areas in which these courts have intervened has grown, so too have their powers, actual or potential. By identifying and examining the different models of constitutional review adopted, these chapters consider the extent to which these courts are contributing to enhancing constitutionalism and respect for the rule of law on the continent. The chapters show how the long-standing negative image of African courts is slowly changing. The courts have in responded in different ways to the variety of constraints, incentives, and opportunities that have been provided by the constitutional reforms of the last two decades to act as the bulwark against authoritarianism, and this provides a rich field for analysis, filling an important gap in the literature of contemporary comparative constitutional adjudication. This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence.


This volume is available here:

This collection of essays assesses the efforts of African governments to constitutionalise decentralisation, be it in the form of federalism, local government or traditional authorities. Since the end of the Cold War jurisdictions across Africa have witnessed an ostensible return to multi-party democracy within the paradigm of constitutionalism and the rule of law. Linked to the democratisation process, many countries took steps to decentralize power by departing from the heavily centralized systems inherited from colonial regimes. The centralization of power, typically characterized by the personalization and concentration of power in the hands of leaders and privileged elites in capital cities, mostly resulted in repressive regimes and fragile states. As decentralisation is a response to these challenges, this volume analyses the dynamic relationship between the efforts to implement decentralization and presence or absence of constitutionalism. This volume examines a variety of forms and degrees of decentralization found across Africa. It advances a new understanding of trends and patterns and facilitates the exchange of ideas among African governments and scholars about the critical role that decentralisation may play in democratization of and constitutionalism in Africa. This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence.

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Analyses et arguments

Contributions sélectionnées à la série avec référence internationale

Cette série informe de manière concentrée sur les positions importantes de la Fondation Konrad-Adenauer sur les questions d'actualité. Les différents numéros présentent les principales conclusions et recommandations, offrent de brèves analyses, expliquent les projets futurs de la Fondation et désignent les personnes de contact du KAS.


Zeitschrift für internationale Fragen, Außenpolitik und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

Die Auslandsinformationen (Ai) sind die Zeitschrift der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung für Internationale Politik. Sie bieten politische Analysen unserer Expertinnen und Experten in Berlin und aus mehr als 100 Auslandsbüros in allen Weltregionen. Gekennzeichnete Artikel geben nicht unbedingt die Meinung der Redaktion wieder.

Baromètre des partis du PPE

La situation du Parti populaire européen dans l'UE

Le baromètre des partis du PPE met en lumière la situation actuelle de la famille des partis du PPE dans l'UE. À intervalles irréguliers, il fournit un aperçu concis des résultats des élections en cours, des sondages des États membres et de la composition de la famille des partis.


Dans notre série "Interviews", nous organisons des entretiens et des discussions avec des experts de la Fondation Konrad-Adenauer sur différents sujets.


Concis, réduit à l'essentiel, mais toujours d'une grande actualité. Dans la série "kurzum", nos experts résument une question ou un problème sur un maximum de deux pages.

Reportages pays

Notes de synthèse sur l’actualité politique du pays

La Fondation Konrad-Adenauer est présente avec son propre bureau dans 70 pays du monde sur les cinq continents. Les collaborateurs locaux peuvent rapporter de première main les événements actuels et les évolutions à long terme dans leur pays d'accueil. Leur « rapports nationaux » présentent en exclusivité aux utilisateurs du site Internet de la Fondation Konrad-Adenauer des analyses, des informations de fond et des évaluations.

Présentations et compte-rendus

La Fondation Konrad-Adenauer, ses instituts, centres de formation et bureaux à l'étranger proposent tous les ans uin grand nombre de manifestations dédiées à des thèmes différents. À l'adresse, nous vous présentons, de manière actuelle et exclusive, des conférences, événements et symposiums. Outre un résumé thématique, vous trouverez ici aussi du matériel supplémentaire tel que des photos, des manuscrits de discours, des vidéos ou des podcasts radio.