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Food Security in Lebanon: Developments since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

By Anna Schellenberg

In June 2023, Lebanon faced the second-highest food price inflation globally, reaching a staggering 280%. This surge was part of a broader trend, as the Food Price Index skyrocketed by 304% between May 2022 and May 2023.

Gulf States’ Syria Approach: Regional Pragmatism in the Face of Global Multipolarity

While Syria’s regional isolation ended with its readmission to the Arab League, Gulf States are taking divergent paths when it comes to reestablishing ties with the Assad regime

This paper analyzes the motivations (or lack thereof) of the Gulf monarchies to normalize relations with Syria. It focuses on underlying regional and international drivers for such a step and further sheds light on the respective Gulf monarchies and their specific positions on Syria.

Towards Agricultural Sustainability and Efficiency

Gaps, Bottlenecks and Prospects

IMAGO / Xinhua

Regionale Normalisierung – Syrische Blickwinkel

Türkische und arabische Versuche, die Beziehungen zu Syrien auf eine neue Basis zu stellen, sorgen vor allem in Gebieten außerhalb der Kontrolle des Regimes für Besorgnis.

Sowohl die Arabische Liga unter saudischer Führung als auch die Türkei haben Normalisierungsprozesse mit dem syrischen Regime ausgerufen: Während die arabische Annäherung im internationalen Kontext große Aufmerksamkeit erfährt, werden aus sicherheitspolitischen Gründen in Syrien selbst die türkischen Bemühungen genauer verfolgt. Eine erste Zwischenbilanz zeigt, dass keine der beiden Initiativen bislang Fortschritte erzielen konnte, da das Assad Regime keinerlei Zugeständnisse macht. Nichtstaatliche Akteure im Norden Syriens sind dennoch besorgt. Angesichts einer sich verschärfenden Wirtschaftskrise wächst zudem die Unruhe auch in Regimegebieten.

Lebanon’s Quest for Justice: The State of the Investigation into the Beirut Port Explosion

Taking a closer look at Lebanon's struggle for justice: Where does the port blast investigation stand stand after more than two years?

Special Report: Education

How does the breakdown of education as a public good impact Lebanon's future generations?

A special report published by Executive Magazine for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Lebanon Office.

Special Report: Healthcare

How is Lebanon's healthcare system doing and what options exist to increase its functionality?

A special report published by Executive Magazine for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Lebanon Office.

Sam Dagher

The New Syrian Diaspora: From Basic Survival Struggles to Aspirations of Success and Integration

While the war in Syria appears to be frozen, the struggle of the global Syrian refugee community has not ceased.

Against the backdrop of four different country-specific contexts, this report examines the asylum and integration experiences of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Germany and the U.S., shedding light on their challenges as well as societal and economic contributions.

Advancing Nature Reserve Governance

A Policy Roadmap for Lebanon's Sustainable Future

This document aims to evaluate and enhance the legal framework, community interaction, and governance structure within Lebanon's nature reserves. It provides a thorough roadmap for ensuring a sustainable future for Lebanon while protecting the country's priceless natural resources by outlining existing concerns and offering focused policy solutions. This policy report is based on a comparative examination of global best practices and incorporates insightful comments from numerous parties involved in the management of nature reserves.

Houssam Saleh

Shattered ground and shattered politics

A devastating earthquake struck Syria on February 6th. While thousands have lost their lives, political opportunism reigned supreme.

The developments that took place in Syria since the earthquake serve as a sad example how political motives frequently prevail over humanitarian ones. Especially the Assad regime has used the disaster to make political gains and strengthen its diplomatic channels.