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Houssam Saleh

Shattered ground and shattered politics

A devastating earthquake struck Syria on February 6th. While thousands have lost their lives, political opportunism reigned supreme.

The developments that took place in Syria since the earthquake serve as a sad example how political motives frequently prevail over humanitarian ones. Especially the Assad regime has used the disaster to make political gains and strengthen its diplomatic channels.

Women on Board

FINAL REPORT October till December 2022

A report conducted by The Lebanese League for Women in Business and supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung aiming to help advocate for the right of women to be in leadership positions and push for 30% of women on board of companies in 2030.

Sam Dagher

Syrian-Turkish Rapprochement

In light of recent steps towards rapprochement between Turkey and Syria after more than a decade of animosity, this study explores the consequences and questions related to the normalization of ties between the two countries. What repercussions might a rapprochement have for Syrian citizens, refugees and internally displaced as well as concerned non-state actors and foreign players? And how will it impact the overall humanitarian, economic and political situation in Syria?

Decentralization in the context of the Lebanese stratagem

A Calamity or an Extrication?

The constitution of Lebanon defines “extensive administrative decentralization” as a change aimed at achieving local development and increasing public engagement. However, decentralization is not a neutral policy process. It has an impact on the distribution of power and resources that are impacted by political interests, especially in Lebanon's sectarian political context.

The Good Governance Book

A three-year policy recapitulation for the Good Governance Forum. It includes policy reviews for nine policy papers prepared based on round table discussions organized under the framework of the Good Governance Forum.

Municipal Challenges and Solutions for Local Development

A recommendation paper covering potential solutions to the challenges the municipalities are facing.

Lebanon’s Non-Governmental Organizations’ Needs Assessment

by: Imad Salamey

In order to contribute to the national debate on food security and livelihood, the National Human Security Forum (NHSF), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), and Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) conducted an assessment of situation of Lebanese NGOs active in this field.

Academia Generated Industrial Innovation in Lebanon

Gap Analysis and Recommendations

A study conducted by IRALEB in collaboration with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Lebanon Office.


Beirut '22

Documentary about the lives of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Lebanon

Two years after our critically acclaimed documentary "4/8 Beirut", which documented the devastating dimensions and damages of the Beirut blast, we return to our protagonists. Beirut'22 sheds light on the lives of Syrian and Iraqi refugees affected by the explosion. At a time when Lebanon is struggling with a deepening political, economic and humanitarian crisis, the documentary traces the hopes and perspectives of a community in transition, telling their own, intimate stories of adversity, trauma, hope and despair.

Three Lost Years

Overdue Solutions to Lebanon’s Monetary Crisis, by Jean Tawilé

This policy paper proposes a path to monetary stability in Lebanon in order to halt spiraling hyperinflation and reform the banking sector. It also explains how the country's money supply is manipulated to prevent and delay reforms, as well as sheds light on money's politicization.