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Europe’s Strategic Choices 2020

Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November


‘Europe’s Strategic Choices’, hosted by Chatham House, the Institute for Security Policy at the University of Kiel and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, aims to explore and understand the complex set of challenges facing Europe in the areas of security, economic competitiveness and global influence.

This year’s conference will consider the possible impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on Europe’s future and how it interacts with what was an already highly-charged policy agenda, including the US Presidential election, increasingly difficult relations with China and the perennial challenge of delivering growth and social wellbeing alongside structural changes in economic competitiveness and disruptive technological change.

Discussion themes include:

  • Transatlantic relationships and the multilateral agenda after the US presidential election
  • Economic governance and the European political economy post-Covid-19
  • Arrangements and objectives for Europe’s defence and security
  • Global trade trends in the Covid-19 era
  • Realizing Europe’s digital ambitions and increasing tech competitiveness

Further details about the conference and confirmed speakers will be available to view on the conference website.



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