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Asien und Pazifik





KAS Colombia

II Seminario Comunicación Política y Periodismo

Durante los días 9 y 10 de agosto, la Fundación Konrad Adenauer y la Escuela Superior de Guerra General Rafael Reyes Prieto (Esdegue) realizaron la segunda versión del Seminario “Comunicación política y periodismo”, dirigido a miembros del Curso de Altos Estudios Militares (CAEM). El espacio contó con las intervenciones de Carlos Andrés Pérez, director del Centro de Análisis y Entrenamiento Político (CAEP) y editores de La Silla Vacía.

Mittendrin – Jüdisches Leben in Hamburg

Interview mit Hamburgs erstem Antisemitismusbeauftragten Stefan Hensel

Hamburg hat mit Stefan Hensel seinen ersten Antisemitismusbeauftragten. Warum es dieses Amt gibt und welche Aufgaben er hat, erzählt er uns im Gespräch mit Eliana Korn, VJS Nord.

How does youth look at Jordans future?

Discussion and book launch event of KAS & WANA

As Jordan can proudly celebrate, in 2021, hundred years of its founding and its development, many challenges remain ahead. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung takes Jordan’s anniversary as an occasion to reflect, together with our Jordanian partners and friends, where the country stands – and where it aspires to go. “We need real change, with transparency and accountability, not more hollow development plans”, was one of the comments at a recent discussion about how Jordan’s youth looks at the way forward for the country.

Three Day International Conference on Governance and Policy Reforms: An Indo Pacific Perspective

- Jagran Lakecity University and KAS India

The Jagran Lakecity University in collaboration with the India Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organised a three-day long international conference on the topic: “Governance and Policy Reforms: An Indo Pacific Perspective” from the 12 to 14th July.

Great Kunene Leadership Training

The Great Kunene Leadership Training has for the past three years focused on capacitating and empowering the marginalized youth across the seven constituencies in the Kunene region to engage in local and regional initiatives with the objective to develop themselves and improve their future and most essentially, to think differently about tackling developmental challenges in their region and the betterment of the community and region at last.

Leadership Training

Workshop in the Omaheke region

A leadership training for regional decision makers.

Okankolo Workshop für Frauen aus ländlichen Gebieten

Ein Workshop, der vom Projekt Eine Welt ohne Hunger (EWoH) durchgeführt wurde

Der Workshop für Frauen aus den ländlichen Gebieten Namibias soll insbesondere Witwen, alleinerziehende Mütter und verheiratete Frauen über ihre Rechte informieren, welche in der namibischen Verfassung und anderen kodifizierten Gesetzen Namibias verankert sind.

Oukwanyama Ta (Weyulu Ya Hedimbi District) Workshop

A workshop conducted by the One World no Hunger (EWoH) Project

The intention of the workshop was to capacitate the traditional leaders with the necessary skills and relevant information.

Workshop für Wassermanagement

in der Omaheke Region

In dem Workshop soll das Bewusstsein für regionale Führung und die Rolle von Führung im Umgang mit Innovationen im Bereich der Wassertechnologie ermöglicht werden, um Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen und zu fördern.

Event Report on the KAS Talent Empowerment Programme

Core Session 2

The Talent Empowerment Programme promises to serve as a dialogue and networking platform to enhance leadership and project management traits within the Civil Society Sector in Namibia and strengthen participant's personal and professional development through soft skills.