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Asien und Pazifik





KAS/Thomas Langer

Zukunftsorientierte Stadtentwicklung braucht radikal neue Ansätze

Fach-Community diskutiert lokalpolitische Ideen deutscher und internationaler Kommunen zur Belebung von Innenstädten

Die KommunalAkademie lud am 5. November 2021 zum eintägigen Forum Kommunalpolitik zum Thema „Zukunftsraum Innenstadt: lebendig und lebenswert?!“ in den Innovationspark am Beckerturm nach Sankt Ingbert. Im Anschluss an einen erkenntnisreichen Vormittag mit zahlreichen Impulsen aus dem In- und Ausland, lernten die Gäste bei einem moderierten Stadtspaziergang Praxisbeispiele vor Ort kennen.

Beirut Debates - Waiving subsidies... Where are we heading to?

A Panel discussion covering the topic of subsidies from all its angles.

Lebanon's financial crisis is fueling hunger and unrest. Lebanon is facing the worst crisis since the civil war of 1975-1990. The subsidies have been reduced to ration remaining foreign currency reserves as Lebanon's economy collapses. Till date, politicians haven’t agreed on a rescue plan and the discussion of a cash card programme to throw a desperately needed financial lifeline to half a million vulnerable families are still ongoing. Beirut Debate is a panel discussion format where selected guests discuss issues and topics generating a significant amount of coverage in both the media and the Lebanese society. This panel is discussing the topic of subsidies from all its angles.

4. Deutsch-Französisches Mittelmeerforum

Welche Bilanz lässt sich nach zehn Jahren aus dem Arabischen Frühling ziehen?

Auch in diesem Jahr organisierten die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Frankreich und das Regionalprogramm „Politischer Dialog und regionale Integration im südlichen Mittelmeer“ der KAS gemeinsam mit den Kooperationspartnern Centre franco-allemand de Provence,  Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence und IMéRA das Deutsch-Französische Mittelmeerforum.

KAS Colombia

Lanzamiento EntreRíos

Museo virtual

El 30 de noviembre se presentó el proyecto EntreRíos, un museo virtual para las memorias, el silencio y la verdad de las victimas del conflicto armado en Córdoba. El museo fue realizado por la periodista Ginna Morelo, la cantante Adriana Lucía y la Fundación Konrad Adenauer (KAS).

IPRI-KAS Peace Lecture Series- The US, China and International Order

- by IPRI & KAS India

On 30 November, the International Peace Research Initiative (IPRI), National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore in collaboration with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) India Office organized a lecture as part of the “Peace Lecture Series” at Hotel Taj West End, Bangalore. The lecture was on “The US, China, and International Order” by Dr Gudrun Wacker, Senior Fellow, SWP. Besides, Dr Wacker, Prof Dr Carlo Masala, Professor at the Universitat der Bundeswehr; Prof Dr Heribert Dieter, Senior Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP, Berlin; and Mr Peter Max Rimmele, the Resident Representative of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Office, India delivered their opinions on the theme.

The 13th South China Sea International Conference:

Looking back to a brighter future

The South China Sea International Conference (#SCSC) is a premium annual regional security forum focusing on SCS issues and ocean governance. This year, the event will be paneled by around 40 high-profile speakers and prominent experts who will be joined by an audience of hundreds of on-site and online participants. They are senior officials, members of diplomatic corps, business executives, leading scholars and academics and informed public throughout the world. The conference will provide participants with an unique opportunity to comprehensively analyse the state of affairs of the SCS and beyond, discuss measures to promote maritime cooperation and explore pathways towards the enhancement of #security and #prosperity of the Indo-Pacific. More can be found at: https://scsc13.nghiencuubiendong.vn/

2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue

Hydrogen Certification in Australia, Germany and Japan

H2x3 The 2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue has concluded by way of a virtual seminar (public event) on “The Certification of Hydrogen in Australia, Germany and Japan”.


- by MMA & ORF & KAS India

Madras Management Association (MMA) in partnership with the India Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and Observer Research Foundation (ORF) organized a conclave on the theme ‘Positioning India in the New World Order,’ on Monday, 29 November 2021 at Hotel Leela Palace, Chennai.

Emerging Role of Blue Finance in the Asia Pacific Region


The focus of the workshop was to deliberate on the mobilization of the market for generating blue finance opportunities and the kind of reforms that are needed for the augmentation especially in the post COVID world.

The 5th KAS-CSIS Germany-Indonesia Strategic Dialogue

Road to Indonesia’s G20 Presidency

Indonesia will hold the G20 presidency in 2022 for the first time since joining the forum in 2008. Riding this momentum, this year the 5th annual KAS-CSIS Germany-Indonesia Strategic Dialogue took on the theme “Road to Indonesia’s G20 Presidency”.