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Workshop on ‘Techniques of Investigative and Non-Fiction Writing’

- WAN-IFRA and KAS India

The workshop on ''Quality Journalism in Pandemic Times' was organised by WAN-IFRA in partnership with the India Office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) virtually on 15-16 December 2020. The programme was conducted from 10.30 am - 12.30 pm on both the days.

The training focussed on helping journalists learn the new opportunities available around investigative journalism and non-fiction writing. This was particularly helpful for the journalists impacted by the aftermath of covid-19 pandemic. An unusual boom is underway in investigative journalism and non-fiction writing, even as mainstream media is in crisis.

The key elements of the workshop were as follows:

Non-fiction writing techniques

Participants have learned about the various opportunities that are booming now including the non-fiction writing techniques as there is a far greater chance of a non-fiction book being published than a fiction book. More tips and techniques of non-fiction writing were taught.


Podcast: New opportunities

Podcasting is another new opportunity that has taken off globally. Choosing the subject of podcast and delivery is the key. Writing and reporting news through audio is one of the interesting ways of storytelling nowadays especially during this covid-19 pandemic.  Participants gained important tips and sources for podcasting.


Documentary: Century’s greatest boom

Investigative documentary writing is the greatest boom in this century. Character driven narratives are in great demand, but underscored by great journalism. Participants learned how to bring narratives to their journalism.


Scripted Series: Great journalism is in demand in entertainment  

Writing Scripted series and web stories is one of the another opportunity. Several of the big scripted series are derivatives of detailed investigative journalism and good non-fiction writing. This market continues to grow.


Discussion on techniques of investigating organised crime and corruption.

The main and attractive part of this workshop was the discussion on techniques and sources of investigating organised crime and corruption. Participants got an insight into a lot of broad strategies, new sources, databases, and follow the money techniques.


Moreover, they learned how to get the investigative stories published, what are the challenges and obstacles in it, how to overcome them and how to get the support while doing the investigation and where as well as whom to approach.


There were a lot of interactions among the participants during the workshop and many challenging questions were answered and clarified by the trainer. Participants were also taught how and where to start while writing investigative stories and how to take them forward to the next level.


Many interesting international and Indian case studies, reports and articles were also shown by the trainer and also pointed out the aspects to consider while downloading any document pertaining to investigation.


At the end of the programme, many participants shared their positive feedbacks and their expectations in our future programmes.



Peter Rimmele

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