International Summer School Sarajevo 2018

The Role of Transitional Justice In Rebuilding Human Rights and Rule of Law in Post-conflict Societies
The PRAVNIK Association and KAS RPL SEE will be offering International Summer School Sarajevo 2018 on “The Role of Transitional Justice In Rebuilding Human Rights and Rule of Law in Post-conflict Societies” from 17 – 28 July 2018


Summer school will teach ISSS participants on theoretical and practical aspects of lessons from South East Europe to transitional justice and human rights. The 10-day summer school program will be made out of lectures and workshops of numerous prominent experts (theoretical and practical oriented). Students will have classes in the morning and in the afternoon, combined with study time. Visits to domestic and international institutions will be a part of the program to ensure dynamics and opportunity to understand hands- on approach from practitioners. Summer school will also include extra- curricular activities that will allow networking among participants.

During the summer school in 2018, Pravnik will work on bringing experts that can elaborate and provide analysis into following topics:

  • The role of EU conditionality in transformation
  • Understanding Contemporary Transitional Justice: Intro, Criminal Justice, Truth vs Justice and Outreach
  • Mass atrocities and human rights abuses: Crimes against humanity in Prijedor area
  • Truth Speaking and Memorialization: Visiting the peace building MostMira in Prijedor
  • Universal, hybrid and domestic tribunals: Law and politics
  • Hybrid Tribunals: The impact of the Court of BiH - Study visit to the War Crimes Chamber
  • Media and Transitional Justice: A Dream of Symbiosis in a Troubled Relationship
  • Dysfunctional post-conflict societies and the role of the international community
  • Human Rights in Transition: Managing Diversities and Rebuilding Communities
  • Role of International human right courts in institution building
  • Women, Peace and Security: Gender, Conflict and Transitional Justice
  • Multilateral Negotiations: Workshop on Reconciliation and Peacebuilding

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Eibe Riedel
Marijana Toma
Doris Pack


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