Media Dialogue Germany – Vietnam

Explaining ASEAN and the EU: A challenge for journalism?
The Media dialogue is a chance for German and Vietnamese journalists to exchange experiences in covering the EU and ASEAN. The dialogue will also help promote mutual understanding about integration.


In 2017, ASEAN celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding; the EU celebrates the anniversary of the treaties of Rome. During the last decades, both regional organizations, despite their differences regarding the depth of integration, have had a similar impact on regional cooperation and stability as well as on everyday life of the citizens of their member states. However, nationals of all member states largely struggle to grasp the advantages and challenges of complex regional structures such as the EU and ASEAN. Both bodies have problems gaining visibility and acceptance in their populace. The media play a crucial role in establishing this kind of visibility and comprehension in EU as well as in ASEAN member states. The way EU / ASEAN are depicted in media coverage impacts on the attitudes toward regional cooperation, either in support of multilateralism or in support of a more nationalist approach. Since the coverage of the EU is more widespread and effective than that of ASEAN, it is crucial for Vietnamese journalists to learn experiences from German peers in covering regional cooperation and integration. The German-Vietnamese Media Dialogue will also help to promote mutual understanding about integration.

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