Strengthen Police Capacity to Fight Hate Crimes

KAS RLPSEE and the Nondiscrimination Coalition are organizing trainings to fight discrimination in the Republic of Moldova through the project "Strengthen Police Capacity to Fight Hate Crimes"


The project aims to strengthen the protection of vulnerable groups against hate crimes. Given the fact that the biggest obstacle encountered by the victims of such crimes is the rigidity and inefficiency of law enforcement agencies in investigating these crimes, at this point, this objective can be ensured through empowerment of the prosecution to respond to illegal acts motivated by hate.

The Nondiscrimination Coalition will develop a series of trainings for police officers, by covering 32 districts in Moldova. Within these, the policemen will get acquainted with the international standards in the field and will be prepared to use national instruments to combat hate crimes.

These actions will facilitate improving police work and will strengthen the national mechanism for protection against hate crime.

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32 regions from Republic of Moldova

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