The Arctic Melt: Climate Change and Security Concerns in the Arctic

The 3rd energy talk in the 2018 series will examine the security implications of opening up the Arctic.


Over the past decade, the Arctic has experienced some of the most rapid climate changes on earth, almost twice the global average. As the Arctic melts, many stakeholders are talking about the potential to unlock the vast tracts of petroleum not to mention opening the Arctic seaway to international traffic. Climate change has exacerbated already existing economic, military and environmental challenges to governing the region. This talk will focus on security issues associated with a melting Arctic. Please register by filling your name and affiliation in the following sign-up sheet to attend.


13:00 Welcome Address and Introduction

Professor Dr Friedbert Pflüger, Director, EUCERS, King’s College London

Felix Dane, Director, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) UK and Ireland

Introductory Statements by

Dr. Kathrin Stephen, Scientific Project Leader, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Dr Petra Dolata, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Calgary and Tier II Canada Research Chair

Dr Frank Umbach, Research Director, EUCERS, King’s College London

Comment by

Dr Peter Kaznacheev, EUCERS Associate Senior Research Fellow

14:00 Discussion

15:00 Reception

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River Room, Strand Campus, King's College London,WC2R 2LS


Professor Dr Friedbert Pflüger
Felix Dane
Dr Rebecca Nadin
Dr Petra Dolata
Dr Frank Umbach
Dr Peter Kaznacheev.

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