Workshop about the Course building "Security Policy Analysis: European Perspectives"

The new course material about Security Policy in Europe has been presented in a workshop to lecturers of International Relations from Vietnam.


KAS Vietnam and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) strengthened their cooperation by organising the Workshop about the Course Conducting in “Security Policy Analysis: European Perspectives”.

Lecturers of International Relations across the country were introduced to the syllabus and content of the course programme regarding European measures in Security Policy developed by KAS and DAV.

Dr. Nguyen Tuan Viet, Dean of the Department of International Politics and Diplomacy at the DAV and Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Dean of the Department for International Relations at the USSH Ho Chi Minh City, were presenting the course outline and reporting about experiences of the pilot project. Even in the pilot project, more than 100 students had registered for the course. The emerging security threats in Europe and the policy measures to maintain the status of peace and stability are also relevant for students of International Relations in Vietnam to better understand the European Union as a security actor in the world and to evaluate the foreign policy of Vietnam in security and defense matters. The key methods to reach these aims via the course building by DAV are: Sharing experience, learning from each other and Networking to establish the course at Universities across the country.

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Course building “Security Policy Analysis_ European Perspectives” v_3
Course building “Security Policy Analysis_ European Perspectives” v_2
Course building “Security Policy Analysis_ European Perspectives” v_1

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