Comparative Practices in Fiscal Federalism

On September 6 to 7, KAS Philippines, with the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Forum of Federations, held a conference on Comparative Practices in Fiscal Federalism.
Comparative Practices in Fiscal Federalism

The two-day conference brought experts from select countries to present how fiscal provisions are practiced in their respective states. The session began with Ms. Rose Osoro, Commissioner at the Commission on Revenue Allocation of Kenya, where she discussed Kenya’s fiscal devolution. It was followed by a presentation by Prof. Dr. Georg Milbradt, former Minister-President and Finance Minister of Saxony, on the federal fiscal arrangements in Germany. Afterwards, Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty, Professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, gave a talk on fiscal federalism in India. Then, Dr. Daniel Plaatjies, Chairperson of the Financial and Fiscal Commission of South Africa, presented fiscal devolution in South Africa. Each of these presentations was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. The presentation of the fiscal provisions in the Philippine Consultative Commission’s draft capped off the first day of the conference.

The second day of the conference tackled issues of financing federations, the role of an independent finance commission, institutionalizing fiscal devolution and its practice, and budget formation and intergovernmental relations within multilevel systems. The same international speakers above presented during the second day, also complemented by a Filipino panel.

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