Transparency and corruption: debates, priorities and trends

Seminar about corruption and transparency in partnership with Transparency International

What are the priorities and trends towards greater transparency and the fight against corruption? These were the topics discussed at the Seminar Transparency and Corruption, held on Friday, December 12, at the Windsor Atlantica in Copacabana.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in partnership with Transparency International gathered various social actors for a relevant debate, with the presence of journalists, teachers, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, private sector representatives and civil society to celebrate the day of the fight against corruption established by the UN.

Discussions dealt with current issues such as the issue of corruption as an endemic disease; priorities and challenges in the fight against corruption; corruption on a large scale; the integrity of the private sector; among others topics that have emerged in accordance with the development of the debate.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation believes that the partnership with Transparency International in this first seminar was a great success resulting in a high-level debate with interesting reflections on a relevant and increasingly present topic in Brazilian society. The fight against corruption and the fight for transparency are fundamental to the development of a country, and Brazil, facing so many accusations of corruption among the private and public sector, is going through a crucial moment in this regard.

This relationship, which had at that seminar its first official chapter, is only the beginning of a constructive partnership between the two organizations. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation with its expertise in political education and the Transparency International with its history in the fight against corruption have the ability to develop a relevant joint work with regard to the subject. In addition, there is great interest in the Transparency International to develop a stronger presence in the country, and we the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Brazil consider extremely well-timed because of the need to combat corruption and the transparency are issues that must always be present in the discussions among Brazilian society.

Marina Caetano

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