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"Keine Panik auf der Titanic" - Der Mensch im Spannungsfeld von Natur und Technik

Jugendradtour am Rhein entlang von Mainz nach Duisburg

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Soziale Medien als Herausforderung?

Möglichkeiten und Gefahren

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Anschlag auf Olympia.

Was 1972 in München wirklich geschah

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"Über die inflationäre Verwendung des Rassismusvorwurfs"


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Das ehemalige Kernkraftwerk in Mülheim-Kärlich

Klima. Raum. Mensch.

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Dorfkino TIDES

Filmvorführung und Gespräch

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Dorfkino TIDES

Filmvorführung und Gespräch

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Das Land der Ratspräsidentschaft - EU in Berlin: Tschechien

Architektur - Kultur - Politik: Verbindungen nach Prag

Gespräch und Diskussion

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Alles im Wandel!

Netzwerktreffen des Frauenkollegs im Ruhrgebiet

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Die christlich-demokratische Idee

Geschichte, Organisation und geistige Grundlagen christlich-demokratischer Politik

Dieses Seminar erläutert Geschichte, Organisation und geistige Grundlagen christlich-demokratischer Politik.



Asien und Pazifik





Training to Increase the Participation of IDPs and Ethnic Minorities in the Election Process in Iraq

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and JSSOR Youth Organization familiarize minority’s participants and nominated parliaments representative with the main hands on training of electoral process, focusing on strategies to integrate issues related to minorities and IDPs in at the next election, practices guaranteeing participation of minorities in the political life and especially in elections on an equal ground with others, also in connection with the international human rights instruments, and increased political empowerment and enjoyment of rights by minorities, particularly young and marginalized communities and those at risk, in Iraq.

Iraq Policy Program

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Rewaq Baghdad Center for Public Policy aim to bridge the gap between the youth and the state in Iraq through training young professionals on how to bring positive change through policymaking.

Monitoring the Elections and Training of Election Observers in Central Iraq

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Shams Network for Monitoring Elections observe the 2021 Iraqi parliamentary election to strengthen respect for fundamental freedoms and political rights and to support the democratic and electoral process. The action led to a comprehensive observation of all aspects and steps of the parliamentary electoral process in Iraq for the year 2021.

Deradicalisation and Reintegration Centres for Women and Children Victims of ISIS

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Syria/Iraq Office and Yahad – In Unum support survivors of ISIL’s terror in IDP camps to socially reintegrate while contributing to their de-radicalization, in order to distance them from the potential danger they pose both to themselves and to society, especially as many are demanding asylum in European countries, particularly in Germany, where many have relatives and could be subject to family reunion.

War inside war - Women and Political Violence in Syria

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office and Stitching Women Forum for Peace and Development enable women’s empowerment against women in politics and increase the political participation of women in Syria.

Nuancing Terrorism

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) host a one-day closed workshop in Erbil.

Post-Election Impact – Skills Development for Governmental Organizations in Iraq

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and the European Training and Technology Center (ETTC) decide to work on strengthening the peace, security and democratic development in the post-election period by developing the skills of government organizations employees.

Strengthening the Role of Civic Actors in the Peace Building Process in Syria

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Syria/Iraq Office and Hamzet Wasel contributed to strengthening the role of civic actors in the peace building process in Syria.

Syrian Academy for Non-Violent Political Change (SANC)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office, and Hamzet Wasel, coordinated on empowering Syrian young activists to be at the forefront of the democratic change in Syria through the Syrian Academy for Non-Violent Change (SANC), in order to raise awareness among young activists on political science theories, engagement and participation in democratic change, empower youth activists to apply gained knowledge and skills on democratic participation and peaceful change, and create an open space for dialogue between young Syrian activists coming from different regions and backgrounds.

Maintenance of the Rawabet Online Referral System

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Syria/Iraq Office and Hamzet Wasel help improve communication for programming opportunities among the different local NGOs & INGOs, as well as donors working in Syria, and contribute to reducing the risks of overlapping by publicly announcing the launch of projects.