Amani and Aishe-Durrani school

The Amani school war founded in 1924 in Kabul as Nedjat school. Since then the boys’ school was supported by Germans materially and with personnel. In 1992 the civil war forced the school to close its doors. It carried off heavy damages. The school’s rebuilding began 2002 with German support. The Durrani school was build during the 1920s. The girls´school was damaged during the civil war like the Amani school. Its rebuilding, too, began in 2002.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is cooperating with both schools closely. Members of the editorial staff of the school magazines took part in the KAS workshop “Media Offspring” in November 2006. During the workshop the pupils were taught by to experienced German journalists, Ms. Schuster of the Deutsche Welle (DW) and Mr. Porsch of the Axel-Springer school for journalists. Keenly the pupils learned the basics of journalistic work. Since spring 2006 the KAS is accompanying the editorial staff of the pupils magazines of the Amani and the Durrani school and assists them in different ways. The KAS sponsored them each a computer with a printer and a scanner. Thus the KAS enabled the young editorial staff to work with the newest technical equipment. In summer 2006 the soccer field of the Amani school was the venue of a small World-Cup which the KAF organized under the title “Kick Off For Democracy“ for all 16 schools in Kabul.

First Konrad-Adenauer school in Afghanistan

On April 19th, 2006 the first Konrad-Adenauer school in Afghanistan could be opened in Pahlewan Piri in Herat. 300 girls and 300 boys will be taught in this center of education. It was financed by a collection campaign of the CDU/CSU faction and then built by Rupert Neudeck's green helmets. Together with governor Anwari Arnold Vaatz and Dr. Wolf Bauer, members of German Parliament, took part in the school’s opening.