The German-Afghan Research Forum (GARF III)

The German-Afghan Research Forum (GARF) was established in 2006 by KAS as a major initiative to introduce research methodology to the 3 Faculties of Kabul University represented at the NCPR: Law & Political Science, Economics, and Social Science.



The GARF program was envisaged having four main objectives:

•To strengthen the links between the Centre and the corresponding Faculties at Kabul University (KU)

•To promote the culture of research at these faculties

•To train both faculty and top students in research methodology on an intensive and ongoing basis

•To create a pool of researchers from which the Centre would draw for carrying out its own research projects, and offer researchers to other institutions in Kabul


Upon successful completion of the course, The NCPR planned to run a ten-week course in research methodology, for 75 trainees in two categories of Lecturers/Staff & Students of six humanity faculties in 2007. The program was appreciated in a high rank level and the NCPR decided to run the program on yearly basis.

The following six top small projects of GARF I and II have been published:

1.Obstacles in Afghanistan from the View Point of Lecturers of Kabul University.

2.Researching the most Effective Causes of Running the Girls Away from Their Houses in Kabul.

3.Micro Credit for Women and Its Impact on the Economical Activities of Households.

4.Review of External Causes and Factors of Individual Steal Crime in the Second Half of 1385 in Kabul.

5.The Role of Media in Diffusion of Luxurious Culture in Share-e-Naw of Kabul

6.Analyze of Women’s Education and Employments Impact on Improvement of Families’ Economical Condition

GARF III Educational Program (Lecturers) in 2008

On 29th of April 2008, the NCPR launched GARF III program into two parts: The first part “Research Methodology in Social Research and Human Development Educational Program” at NCPR and the second part included human development studies, facilitated by foreign experts at CPHD. The program was designed for around 40 lecturers of Kabul, Education, Polytechnic and Alberoni Universities and staff members of other organizations. Both parts of the program is finished and the trainees are doing their practical researches. The program was funded by KAS and USIP through Center for Policy and Human Development (CPHD is a UN funded research center located in Kabul University)

GARF III Educational Program (Students) in 2008

The training program of GARF III for 36 top students of six faculties of social sciences started on 19th of October at NCPR. The program will be carried on for four weeks at NCPR. At the end of the program the students will be divided into groups of three and four. They will be asked to submit practical research project after the end of the teaching sessions. Upon successful completion, the trainees would be awarded the certificates.

For more details please visit NCPR's website: ncpr

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